This is a brew of mine using the Abzan Melira, Sylvok Outcast Kitchen Finks combo as a template. And it runs the same way as the deck but we have more pieces since the printing of Vizier of Remedies being another "Melira" effect and we still have Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit as the third "Melira" effect. We use Kitchen Finks and Safehold Elite as the creature being sacrificed to our sacrifice outlets such as Viscera Seer and Cartel Aristocrat. And our win conditions is Blood Artist and Kitchen Finks. Blood Artist is to gain infinite life and at the same time drain our opponent to 0 Life. And Kitchen Finks is to gain infinite life and to scry our whole deck until we get Blood Artist. The deck has a lot of one-ofs because we're abusing the Uncage the Menagerie to gain value since we can get different "Melira" effects and for the persist effect creatures (Safehold Elite/Kitchen Finks). Lead the Stampede is also another great card/creature advantage since half of the deck are creatures and we are guaranteed to hit every time we cast Lead the Stampede. Rally the Ancestors is the card used to combo off in instant speed if our combo pieces was dealt with creature removal/wrath effects. Get them back instant speed and win the game.

PS: This a deck that's in work in progress state. If you guys have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment down below. Any suggestions is taken without any offense and would appreciate if you would explain if you would switch out cards. Thanks! My budget is around $120 and using TCGPlayer Median Prices for the cards. Sideboard card suggestions are also appreciated.


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