This is my Bruna Commander deck, constructed with some of my favourite tribes and themes. As a "planeswalker" I sort of think that your spellbook would contain magicks from planes that you have visited. That being said, I love the plane of Innistrad. And as a proper son of Innistrad I chose my favourite "valkyrie" sister, Bruna, Light of Alabaster. Her colours are White and Blue, which also coincide with my favourite guild from Ravnica, The Azorius. Added to that, I have a few cards from the plane of Zendikar, which is the first block I ever played. Also I had to have a few of my friends from the plane of Theros. I love that Grecco-Roman themed lore. Lastly I'd like to say to keep the deck competitive there are some cards here that are NOT from my favoured planes.

Come let's join Bruna in her quest for warriors worthy of Valhalla!


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