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WARNING: May cause excessive amounts of Damage, Lifegain, and Saprolings

My favorite deck! The plan is to make Tana huge quickly through the combination of effects like Sigil of the Nayan Gods and Bruse's double strike boon. It is common for this deck to swing for commander damage on turn 5, and new opponents rarely see it coming.

Basic Strategy

Ideally Tana, the Bloodsower will drop on turn 3 thanks to our myriad of 2-drop ramp. Turn four, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder will join the party and bestow Tana with double strike and lifelink, likely allowing us to punch someone for 4 and make 4 little green plant friends. Turn 5, Tana will pick up something like Bravado, making her a 7/7 or greater, then swing again alongside Bruse for doublestrike and lifelink...

Now it gets interesting

With an all-for-one effect like Hope Against Hope on a double-striking Tana, her first-strike hit will make saprolings, which then makes her second-strike hit do more damage. So as an unblocked 7/7, if the first hit is 7, the second hit is 14, for an even 21 commander.

Backup Plans

Since dreams are rarely reality, the deck includes a protective package to keep Tana around so she can do her thing. Or if Tana gets removed too many times we can just beat face with saprolings. We also have some alternate win cons like Cryptolith Rite + Aggravated Assault.

Suggestions are appreciated!

You can check out a budget version of this deck here.

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