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Get the Most Out of Your Myr in Three Easy Steps

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Jank Theme/Gimmick Tokens UR (Izzet)



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His world burst forth into an unfamiliar newness that seeped through his veins: his spell was successful; he was now peering into his own future. Or maybe was it... a possibility? An view of things that could possibly come to pass? He couldn't be certain. Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury 's power continued to ebb and flow through his body, but as all things with him, it felt felt strangely unwanted.

The world he saw before him was one etched from the crude shapes of metal -- they twisted and turned in spires of cresting, glimmering shapes. If he didn't know better, he would call them trees? What was this unfamiliar world. His mana seemed different too... Was there an absence of Green entirely? It felt wrong. Utterly, and completely wrong.

There was something else within him; he explored it just the same as he explored this strange land of wrecked, curving metal. As he looked upon panoramas of rapid steel, jutting out at insane angles, he pondered as to whether the madness of this plane was apparent in the shape of its creations: only the absence of the natural could shape a world such as this, surely? But why would his vision bring him here? What purpose would he have here, when he had always been an advocate of nature? Always more green inclined than red? What was the lesson?

Something scuttled towards him from underneath a crude outcropping: a Shimmer Myr . He held his hand up instinctively -- No wind came forth from his palm, but instead, his fire magic had taken on a luminescent glow, it was hot like molten lava, or like melted metal, and it thrust forwards in obscure patterns, engulfing the Myr, and transforming it into a new creature. A draconic roar: the Myr was transformed into a Furnace Dragon . What Magic was this? He stuttered as he back stepped, and caught a ledge, falling down.

He looked at his hands, shaking. Freyalise, he cried out, towards no person at all, What is this? The dragon before him beat its wings viciously, and did not respect the command of its new master: it moved to kill the planeswalker before him. Instinctively, again, he held out his hand, and again the molten magic turned the dragon into a new shape; now, a hapless pile of treasure. What was happening? His body shook.

This strange, new power dwelt inspirationally within him... it was almost irresistible. Was this the ultimate culmination of his magic? He found his could control it expertly, and he walked without touching the ground, hovering just above it. The creatures he summoned were artificial constructs; built to resemble those beasts of nay so long ago, and he found they twisted and turned into whatever shapes he willed using the molten magic at his fingertips. He kept hearing a name in his head: Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer . Who was that? Phyrexia... the voice said again.

The word was venom.


_What? He claimed, holding his hands to his head. What had happened to him? He caught a glimpse of himself reflected in the mirror like surface of the metal world: His chest was gone, replaced with twisted steel and carbine, and his face held two glowing, reticent eyes of power. They no longer possessed the whitecover mists of naya...


and these beast he summoned now were just creations. Did he make them? Did he invent these clockwork goliaths? Those glowing eyes, his metal heart. Was this where his anger and savagery would lead him? And endless hunt towards...


With a blood-curdling scream, he threw of the veil of the vision, and thrust himself back into reality, sweating and crying, his disgust leapt forth from his body in a swirling tornado of blue-hot flame, whirling with uncontrolled ferocity, melting the Mountain of Keld. The destructive spell thrust upwards into the sky, dropping fire and rock onto the villages of the mountains below. Quivering he looked at his hands, frightened of his power for the first time, and realised it wasn't who he was.

With the golden spirit of Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury coursing through his veins, he purged all the red mana from his body in a fit of rage that scarred his body with pottle-like burns. Near unconscious, and his skin afire, he watched as the massive Savage Twister above him dissipated. He looked to his wretched, wrecked hands, uncontrollably shaking and broken as they collapsed by his side. And as his consciousness drifted away into the blackness, so too did he fade away from Dominaria... floating away like the mana he had unleashed into the wind.


Xenoblade Chronicles Thantis

Commander / EDH Free_Iona


The main purpose of the build is to take advantage of The Clad's amazing ability: create token copies of powerful creatures, and abuse copy techniques, as well as create large armies of tiny tokens we can transform into gifted attackers on our combat step. As a side strategy, there are some beautiful infinite combos that we can abuse to suit our purposes.

Can we also take a second to recognise that Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer , is one of the best flavour wins of all time? He's a Phyrexian Engineer from an Alternative Future, who creates alternative copies of creature copies? He's basically a walking philosophical physics debate.

The first thing this deck wants to do is go as WIDE as it possibly can.

* Cards like Brass's Bounty are amazing. Not only do they create an incredible amount of tokens, they are not creatures, and are thus harder to remove until the time comes that we want to have them take the shape of something insane, like Utvara Hellkite . Going wide with as many tokens possible is plan 1.

* Elemental Mastery is bonkers. As is Tilonalli's Summoner , who both make wide armies of small tokens that can be turned from weenies into biggies by The Clad. This makes it completely possible to have turns with this deck where you create upwards of 200+ dragons with Utvara Hellkite , or Myr Battlesphere making more and more Battlespheres.



Using cards such as the above, and others, we achieve this strategy. They are the core pieces to our strategy. Using Brudiclad, we can get token at least 2 copies of powerful creatures such Utvara Hellkite or Wurmcoil Engine , whom's power can multiply exponentially if left unchecked. Of course, we play checks and counters to keep them safe, but essentially this deck can explode with tokens, Copy a big fatty, then duplicate that Fatty onto all our other tokens.

* All you need is one "token creater" + Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer to start getting silly. I have once attacked my friends with 96 Wurmcoil Engines. That was a good game.

This deck also make tons of artifact tokens, so, reward yourself: Mechanized Production will win you the game right there. **

* Infinite Combats are possible with Combat Celebrant + Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer + Plus any 'copy' maker, - Since you make new Combat Celebrant s each combat, you can attack over and over and over again until your opponents die. You can do almost the same combo with Lightning Runner s, but you'll need a way to make one extra copy each combat, all you need is four runners to get the energy you need.

In Conclusion, I have to say that while Brudiclad doesn't power the most effective strategy in Commander, piloting a deck such as this is incredibly rewarding, and you'll be surprised how quickly you can go from 0 -100 in a matter of seconds, especially behind a couple duplicated Solemn Simulacrum s.

I tend to gravitate towards decks such as this, with unique strategies that, whilst strong, doesn't guarantee a win in the slightest: The joy from playing this deck is in the piloting of the deck itself.

If that sounds like a deck you'd enjoy, I highly suggest giving Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer a go.


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