(Whoever knew a Myr could gain legitamite sentience...)

This Deck is focused on one thing. Making Tokens, More Tokens, & Even More Tokens than that, Augment them in terms of overall form w/ Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer . There are so many ways you can Augment these Token's very existence; & when the Myr Tribelord enters play, they all get haste. Varying from Thopters, Servos, even a Twin of the Eldrazi known as Desolation Twin , Not only does this deck have many ways to make very powerful Tokens, it also has elements of sacking them for damage; heck just having 3 Artifact Creature Tokens, & Vedalken Humiliator forces your opponent's to have only Vanilla creatures. W/ several Wincons, ranging from your obvious Goblin Bombardment , to even having a lot of Artifact Creature Tokens, & enchant one of them w/ Mechanized Production as an alternate Wincon. Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain doesn't have to be left behind either; w/ a great variety of Artifice & some Legends, She's giving you Card Advantage in some ways. W/ so many creatures that can potentially make a lot of tokens at once, just imagine how many Desolation Twin Tokens you can make w/ this kind of power. But it still might need some help even at this kind of power.

  1. What's your thoughts on Trading Post & Springjack Pasture ? Do you think they aren't pulling their weight?

  2. This is one of the few decks left I have that still has Prismatic Lens ; which many see as garbage, &; considering its status as a rock, they might be right. Should I replace it w/ Talisman of Creativity ? It might actually be better if so.

  3. Are there any Token Manipulation cards that aren't all that good? We got Skullclamp , Goblin Bombardment , Ashnod's Altar , but what doesn't seem to be good here?

  4. What would you replace all of these with?

Thank you for your time. I hope these questions mean something...


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