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BRRRRT... Close air support W/ A-10s

Commander / EDH Dragons Five Color Tribal




### Support your small team on the ground with close air support. When the troops on the ground get into contact with a larger force and need something to gain fire superiority whats better than Dragons to help you win the day?

Ask any ground combat veteran and they will tell you there is nothing like the incredible power and devastation the A-10 Warthog brings to a fight. When your calling for close air support and you hear that signature BRRRRRRRT of the plane's gun lighting up the enemy things suddenly start feeling better. It can also take one hell of a beating and still make it home. Powerful AND tough? Sounds like the A-10 is the real world equivalent of the Multiverse's Dragons to me.

I started with the The Ur-Dragon Commander precon (2017) deck and made these changes so far (further changes will be listed in the updates section)-

Pulled cards-

Cards added-Obelisk of Alara- I dunno about this card. I have never played with it but it has a lot of flavor and I can utilize every ability on it so I am going to test it out. I also plan on adding Hanna's Custody at some point to protect it and keep it in play.

Obviously I need a larger mana base and a decent amount of ramp for a 5 color dragon heavy deck. As of now I feel like I might have a bit too much land, however this has not proved to be an issue and I have not been mana starved yet (only played with this deck a handful of times so far). It is a creature heavy deck which basically focuses on drop creatures and attack. I think I need a bit more card draw, as well as a bit more targeted removal and maybe another board wipe card. Beyond that I am not sure what else I could really tweak without sacrificing too much of the main theme of the deck... the DRAGONS themselves.

This is my first EDH deck so I am still learning. I have only been playing MTG for a few months (Started with Kaladesh the day before Amohnket came out...So yeah I am still a baby in regards to knowledge...lol)Any and all pieces of advice or criticisms will be much appreciated. I am hoping this deck can win at least once in a while...But more importantly I just want a deck that is fun to play and something to cut my teeth with while I learn how to brew my own.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Much appreciated :)



Since this deck is lacking reliable card draw and removal I am slowly adding to both those categories.

In this vain I have removed-

Orator of Ojutai - While the 1W cost is nice, and having a 0/4 defender with a draw option based off of dragons works well with no other options, I just do not like having to reveal a card or have to have a dragon on the board to draw 1 time.This is being replaced with Brainstorm This is a blue CMC which allows for both a one card draw and a psuedo scry. I do not like losing a blocker but I feel the combo of Brainstorm outweighs the blocker worth.

Fonrtier Siege- Having the extra mana could be useful, however I am running a decent mana base plus ramp and mana reduction for my dragons with other cards so the Kahns option would have been situational at best. Dragons option is nice I always like being able to do targeted attacks on creatures but with no real board wipes in this deck I needed a creature wipe in case I somehow find myself with no blockers to protect mysely. Enter Day of Judgment. Bye bye threats.

Fractured Identity- This is a nice card for targeted removal, don't get me wrong. However I do not really have a combo for this yet ( Planning on adding Demonic Pact for a hopefully cool I win combo that comes out of nowhere) and removing one problem permanent just to give it to 2 other opponents does not seem very helpful. So I am replacing it (for now) with Oracle's Vault. This will allow me to cast spells for free once per turn once I have three charge counters on it. With 6 CMC being my avg spell cost, not to mention this deck having all 5 colors in it, I feel like this is a good trade off overall and will pay for itself in a few turns. I plan on getting Hanna's Custody to protect it from removal and allow it to fully bear fruit as it were.


MegaMatt13 says... #1

Welcome to Commander :)

A few suggestions for you:

Instant speed removal is very important in Commander. You need to be able to disrupt opponents on their turns, even as an aggro deck. Being in 5 colours you have access to all the best removal out there. Some relatively cheap options:

Utter End, Beast Within, Anguished Unmaking, Mortify, and Putrefy.

You can cut your land count back to 38 safely. I would only go higher than 40 if my deck hand some sort of land theme (like Omnath, Locus of Rage). You could cut back on some of the basic lands. Some lands you may want to consider for colour fixing that come into play untapped:

Exotic Orchard, Opal Palace, Cascading Cataracts.

I would suggest a few more card draw options. It will help keep your deck running:

Temur Ascendancy, Bident of Thassa, Rishkar's Expertise, and Soul's Majesty are cheaper options that would fit with the deck.

For ramp I would cut out Dreamstone Hedron. It is just way too expensive for what it does. Fellwar Stone, Rampant Growth or Explosive Vegetation are cheaper to cast and will get you coloured mana.

My version of the deck is at The Ur Dragon's Raging Rainbow Party Friends. It's not budget but maybe it will give you some ideas :)

October 6, 2017 10:12 p.m.

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