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Brother, That Looks... Infected

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Recently rebuilt my favorite deck I ever had... U/G Infect!

Alrighty! description, here we go.

if you're not familiar with Infect, let me introduce you. as the High Counsel to Jin-Gitaxais himself, i humbly present to you: PHYREXIAN PERFECTION!

the name of the game is play, pump, pound, PHYREXIAN PERFECTION. creatures with Infect deal damage to players in the form of poison counters, which a player only needs 10 of to lose the game and join our phyrexian ranks. we're good to our people, tearing them to shreds and rebuilding them to serve the Praetors; best healthcare on Mirroden! (oops, sorry; New Phyrexia.)

we run 12 Infect creatures in the main; 4 each of Glistener Elf, Blighted Agent, and Inkmoth Nexus. play them, then navigate your opponent's creatures and removal with pump and protection spells until you can deliver a death blow. which can come out of nowhere! Jin-Gitaxias be praised!

here's a reasonable turn 2 kill: T1 fetch, shock, Glistener Elf. Pass.

T2 fetch, shock, mutagenic (now a 3/3), mutagenic (Now a 5/5), Become Immense (Now an 11/11), swing for 11 infect on Turn 2. (this line was even MORE reasonable when Gitaxian Probe was Modern Legal)

important to note! your LIFE TOTAL is a RESOURCE! when Gitaxian Probe was still modern legal, i would VERY consistently fetch, shock, probe, elf for a loss of 5 life on the very first turn. you're racing with this type of infect deck; kill them before you and your opponent kill you.

for the most part, this list is optimized. i have 2 more fetches i want to get, as well as some Spellskites. other than that, feel free to make any intelligent suggestions you think of! (don't suggest Noble Heirarch; that has been addressed in the comments already in the comment with 4 likes.)


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