This is a combo/control deck for infinite life and infinite mill.

The idea is to get Auriok Champion or Altar of the Brood on the field before you can combo off by chaining etb exile effects into an infinite loop.

If the game goes long, you have Vedalken Mastermind to abuse the exile effects of your various combo pieces and reset them when you draw enough to go infinite.

This deck is very difficult to hate against as the combo pieces can protect each other by holding them in exile or removing enemy permanents.

Think of it like a triangle with each point connected to the others by edges.The first combo piece is held in exile under the second. When the third enters the battlefield, it exiles the second, bringing the first piece back into the battlefield targeting the third, and so on and so on...

All of these triggering Altar of the Brood to empty their library or Auriok Champion to refill your life.

Phyrexian Metamorph is the faster combo, but a little weirder. It enters targeting Leonin Relic-Warder becoming a copy and triggering the exile effect. Because it doesn't specify and the metamorph is an artifact, you can have it target itself. It exiles itself, but also triggers its return effect in doing so giving it this weird almost quantum like state.

Restoration Angel is a T4 combo, but only requires 3 cards instead of 4: Altar of the Brood/ Auriok Champion & Fiend Hunter. Use her ETB targeting the hunter, when that resolves, both of his abilities go on the stack. Have his ETB resolve before his LTB targeting the angel, LTB resolves bringing angel back and so on.

The most flexible of the bunch, easy to cast, and can combo with itself.

O-ring 5-8. Dies to removal, but fits seamlessly with the original and provides a bridge between creature and enchantment linking. Best to have him sit on some enchantment.

O-ring 9-12. Not very flexible as it can only combo with itself or the cat-ring, but a decent blocker, and interestingly enough the only uncounterable way to go infinite with Cavern of Souls.

O-ring 13-15. The least flexible, but cheap and more useful against enemy creatures than the hunter.

O-ring 16. Powerful, but can't combo with itself and is more difficult to cast.

Counter some spell or tutor for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Spot removal to take care of most creatures.

Late game control guy that can save pieces from destruction or lock down the board. Perfect fit for the deck for exiling any nonland permanent on the board. Included some Spreading Seas to play with as both card draw and mana fixing while dealing with enemy lands. His most ridiculous play: bouncing Leonin Relic-Warder in response to enemy removal with a Detention Sphere in exile, have the sphere target whatever form of o-ring you have the most of, replay the cat targeting d-sphere on the next turn, release a bunch of o-rings, then before those exile effects resolve, bounce the cat again exiling a ton of enemy permanents for no loss in card advantage.

A decent flyer. Really beneficial flicker ability. Flash in to start chain reactions and win out of nowhere.

While being a niche subcombo, it is also a valuable utility creature that can become the biggest threat on the board right before you exile their copy.

Much more than just a combo enabler, when facing burn or jund, she is the first line of defense. Her life gain ability triggers for any creature your opponents cast as well. I added some Glamerdye in the side so she can keep fulfilling that role even against rainbow decks.

Plan B for beater. When all else fails just smack them in the face. Vigilance on a manland is awesome as it can just tap itself to cast protection spells.

The mill rock to mill them all. You can win games with this and never land the combo, just locking down the opposing board and replaying Oboro, Palace in the Clouds .


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