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Brisela, The Worst Idea I've Ever Had

Commander / EDH Angels Casual Eldrazi Mono-White Tribal



I remembered I had Bruna, the Fading Light somewhere deep in the boxes. I also figured that with all the hate white is getting atm, that building a deck around it would be a massive challenge. So I filled the deck with tons of ways to draw cards such as Monarch, Cycling, and Investigate. The ramp is somewhat rough but we're getting there. There is a ton of protection/recursion/counterspells to protect both Bruna and Gisela and make sure they stay on the battlefield. It was a challenge making this work, but I feel as though I did a decent job. There is also a small Angel Tribal subtheme, although it's not super potent.

Criticism and Feedback are greatly appreciated, ty.


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