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Brion Stoutarm, Borros Control

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I originally made this deck as a budget deck when I first started playing, it had twice as many theft effects, and a bunch of jank that has been replaced. I would like to revisit it and make it more powerful. I am trying to turn it into a borros control deck. The main stategy is to get sunforger, and try to control the board. Brion helps along with theft effects, sacing and recurring creatures, and gaining life. I would love some suggestions on how to improve the power level of the deck, improve its consistancy, and turn it into more of a control deck.

Cards I am considering:

Goblin Bombardment - Sac outlet, goes infinite with Sun Titan/Angelic renewal
Loyal Retainers - Got a commanders Aresonal, seems like a good addition
Shattering Pulse/Vandalblast - I need more artifact destruction. I also need some enchant removal, ideas?
Mother of Runes - all around great card
Reveillark - returns creatures (inc karmic guide/kiki-jiki/loyal retainers)
Yosei, the Morning Star - great for controlling an opponent, can be returned with Loyal Retainers
Blood Moon, Magus of the Moon - could change the less useful non-basics to basics and make room for these.
Stonecloaker - Seems pretty powerful when used correctly, especially as I don't have much graveyard hateTormod's Crypt, Relic of Progenitus - I need some extra graveyard hate, but I don't know which is better, or what to cut for them

Things I am considering cutting:
All non-instant theft effects. Instant speed theft effects are great as a defensive mechanism as well as offensive, and blind with anger/grab the reins/temporal insanity can be found with sun forger, and word of seizing can grab non-creature permanents, so I will probably keep them around.
Savage Beating - Can be a complete blow-out, but as I am moving towards control and less aggro, it doesn't work as well.
Preacher - originally put in because a friend made a dream halls progenitus deck, pretty underwhelming most of the time
Aladdin - normally dies as soon as he is active
Bazaar Trader - a relic from when the deck had 20 theft effects, no longer very powerful
1 of Darksteel Plate/Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots - haste is great, but I don't think I need both Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves when I can get them with stonehewer/stoneforge, and the hexproof/shroud is often more relevant. Darksteel plate is useful, especially when playing larger games with lots of wraths, though I could cut it for my gy recursion, so I wont mind if things are destroyed.

I think some of the creatures need to be changed to help my mana curve. 13 of my creatures are cmc 6+, with a further 6 and 5cmc. I either need some more creatures/spells at lower cost instead, or more artifact ramp to help get to 5/6/7 cmc quicker.

Notable inclusions

Jester's Cap was an addition as many of my playgroup started to make combo decks, and half of them fold to jester's cap
Staff of Nin - the best solution I found to the lack of card draw in r/w, would be open to other suggestions (or additional suggestions for card draw)
35 Lands - it seems a little low, and perhaps it is, though the first thing I often do is try and get land tax (enlightened tutor, or find sunforger -> enlightened tutor -land tax) I possibly need either more mana rocks, 1 more land, or another way of finding land taxKamahl - probably one of the creature to cut, put in to keep slivers and tokens in check in my play group, been pretty good though could be cut for better cards
Baneslayer - just an awesome creature, needed as there are a few kalia decks in my meta

Any suggestions on where to go from here would be great. I have been slowly changing this deck as my collection grows and I am probably too fond of it to properly evaluate its downfalls. Some fresh thoughts and ideas would be appreciated greatly!


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