Do you like playing cEDH?

Do you like playing combo heavy decks?

Do you enjoy dominating a table?

Look no further!!!

This is a Doomsday/Ad Nauseam Variant

When Breya was first announced, there was a flurry of ideas on how to build her. Obviously, as an artifact creature that produces artifact tokens, there were a bunch of neat modular and artifact style decks constructed that abused token generation as a win condition.

Breya is no exception to that.

What she wants to do is abuse her enter the battlefield (ETB) effects to set up the win by either using those effects to deal damage to a player, gain life to stay in the game, or control the board state by looping these ETB effects.

In this variant, we will utilize cards like Doomsday and Ad Nauseam to set up a win condition as fast as possible. While being a difficult strategy to play, learning hoe to set up different Doomsday piles can help to make the player pilot the feck more effciently.

The deck is heavy with combos. Breya herself is a sacrifice outlet and utility to get things going, and once she does, its hard to stop her.

With a powerful control/removal package we can assure we have the upper hand.

Breya as a Win Condition

First, lets look at Breya, Etherium Shaper herself

She is a win condition in the Command Zone. Being a Lightning Bolt on a stick is nothing to joke about, and being able to to ETB with the artifact sac fodder needed to activate her ability is just the icing on the cake.

This is powerful in its own right. The sheer diversity of what she can do with only herself makes Breya a powerhouse of a commander.

Setting up the Win

This mana loop can be risky, as we need atleast a way to stop the loop by either instant speed removal of his ability being placed on the stack or another creature in the graveyard to be targeted by the Aura, but its also one we can pull off extremely early for a win.

By making infinite mana, as long as we have a land that can produce all 4 sources of color or have lands that can produce up to the 4 color sources we can continually cast and sac Breya, Etherium Shaper and bolt the board for game.

Another infinite mana loop we can abuse that has great artifact synergy as well (bonus points!) Called "The Bomberman" in the community, we can loop the LED with the Salvagers to make infinite colored mana and repeat the Breya loop.

We have a Doomsday package, with 3 different piles to make:

Each pile is for a different situation and boardstate, but they will get the job done if played properly and carefully.

The maybe board is stuff people can swap in for a more storm/scepter tyoe combo if your playstyle isnt ad naus/doomsday


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