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Brew Dick Lad, Tell Core "Engine Ear"

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I've heard of a token black guy, but a token artificer deck?

Hey everybody, this is my Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer deck. This guy rocks, and was definitely the commander from the 2018 Artifact deck that I wanted to brew with the most. One thing I should not before we go any further, is that I built this deck to only produce ARTIFACT tokens. The reason is twofold: Firstly, I didn't realize his effect could copy any tokens (I thought just artifacts haha), Secondly once I realized that he can copy any token I decided that building him this was was more unique and fun. I had fun building this deck and I have fun playing it too! I haven't built a straight up artificer deck until now. I built a deck that was artifact-centric but it was all for the sole purpose of flipping coins, you can reference that here:

I've got my Eyes on you!

Anyway, let's get into this. Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer is a 6 drop that makes us a Myr every combat and then makes all of our tokens into copies of one of our tokens until the end of the turn. It's a pretty unique effect that's really fun to play with. He's pretty straightforward in what he's trying to do, so let's start elaborating on our themes.

  • Mass Token Generators

We need lots of tokens to be able to take full advantage of our commander's ability, so let's look at what ways we have to generate lots of little tokens. Loyal Apprentice is a new card from Commander 2018 that seems right at home here. Maverick Thopterist will generate us two thopters, and could potentially be cheaper as well depending on our boardstate. Pia and Kiran Nalaar will also generate two tokens for us, but they give us an alternate way to use our tokens. Sai, Master Thopterist is essentially Efficient Construction on a creature that gives us potential card draw. Saheeli, the Gifted is a good include in here, she makes us tokens and make sour spells cheaper as well as potentially being a win con. Thopter Spy Network is a great card that I'm more than happy to run in here. Retrofitter Foundry is another new card from C18 that can give us a plethora of different kinds of tokens. Now, our commander generates us Myr, and he's the closest thing I've seen to a viable Myr tribal commander. I'm not going incredibly heavy on Myr because I don't think they're super high powered, but I've included some synergies in here. Myr Battlesphere seems like an obvious include because it makes us tokens and it benefits from having Myr, which our commander makes every turn. Myr Matrix can make us a token if we need it, but it also buffs all our Myr making the tokens we get every turn 3/2 instead of 2/1 which is good if that's all it does. Myr Turbine on the other hand makes us Myr for free, and It can tutor out a Myr from our deck if we need it. Tezzeret, Artifice Master can make us tokens, draw us cards, and let us Planar Bridge for free every turn. He's going in here. Sharding Sphinx can make us so many tokens if we can get damage across, and it's really silly if you can make a token of it and have multiple triggers for it's effect. Mechanized Production makes us passive tokens, and can also just flat out win us the game. Tamiyo's Journal makes us clues, which can turn into creatures. It also gives us optional card draw or tutoring. Pirate's Pillage makes us tokens and draws us cards, and it gives us a discard outlet too.

  • Trash for Treasure

Pirate's Pillage lets us discard a card, which can actually be useful sometimes. I didn't focus on this theme that much because there are just other commander that do this better, but Trash for Treasure is a powerful effect to have in an artifact deck. The posterboy for this effect of course is our very own Goblin Pope Deretti, Scrap Savant. He's a pretty powerful commander and I'm happy to include him in here for his card craw and artifact reanimation, I don't plan on getting to ult him but if I do I'm gonna be having a lot of fun. Goblin Welder essentially taps to do the thing we wanna do, and he's a powerful card in his own right by allowing you to juggle your artifacts between zones. He's also harder to target than Deretti is. Feldon of the Third Path lets us reanimate a creature from our graveyard as an ARTIFACT token, no other kind of token will do. Finally, Buried Ruin will grab us something we need from our graveyard and produce mana in the meantime. Like I said, I could've focused on this theme a bit more and there are obvious includes such as Junk Diver and Myr Retriever but graveyard play isn't really what I want to do in this deck.

  • Card Draw/Advanatge

We have blue in our mana pool which supplements the problem that mono-red artifact decks have, and that's card draw. There's plenty of it in here, so let's dig in. Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain makes all of our artifacts replace themselves, which is great. Kuldotha Forgemaster allows us to trade in a few measly tokens for any artifact in our deck. Padeem Consul of Allocation not only makes all our artifact hexproof but can also generate us passive card draw. Quicksmith Spy gives one of our artifacts the ability to tap and draw us a card. Treasure Keeper can pull an artifact from our topdeck when he dies, which is pretty alright. Trophy Mage will grab something cool for us (personally I'm a fan of Titan Forge). I've considered swapping Trophy Mage for Trinket Mage but I'll see what I think after more playtesting. We already mentioned Sai, Master Thopterist but he's so nice I'll say it twice. Skullclamp is silly and a definite include. Fabricate is pretty simple, it tutors for any artifact as does Whir of Invention. Shape Anew lets us trade in a token for something potentially really cool from our top deck. Machinate plays with the top deck too but lets us be a bit more selective in what we grab. Tezzeret the Seeker can tutor for us, and make all our artifacts into 5/5 creatures for a turn. Finally, The Antiquities War does good stuff for us and has a similar effect to Tezzeret's ult.

  • Artifacts Matter

It's pretty common sense that when playing an artificer deck you're gonna want to include cards that synergize with artifacts. Chief of the Foundry will give all our artifact tokens a buff while Etherium Sculptor will make all our artifacts a bit cheaper. Hellkite Igniter can become huge depending on our boardstate. Hellkite Tyrant will steal artifacts from our opponents and provide us with an alternate win-con all at the same time. The aforementioned Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain is "artifacts matter" incarnate. Lodestone Myr gives us a way to get damage across without risking losing any of our tokens. Lumengrid Sentinel will let us tap something for free whenever an artifact enters the battlefield, making our attacks that much more impactful. Steel Overseer will pump all our artifact creatures with +1/+1 counters, thanks man. Vedalkan Humiliator is by far one of my favorite new cards from C18, it'll let you Polymorphist's Jest whenever he attacks as long as you have artifacts. Magnetic Flux will give all our creatures flying at instant speed, potentially being a win-con depending on what we copy. Thopter Spy Network and Sharding Sphinx will both reward us for getting damage across with artifact creatures. Finally, Inventors' Fair will gain us life if we have enough artifacts and also can tutor for an artifact, which is appreciated.

  • Tokens We Want to Copy

This is the funnest section. We've elaborated on how to load up our field with tokens and draw into the stuff we need, we've laid our synergies, now let's see what we're building towards. Ancient Stone Idol is a sweet card that we can potentially play for pretty cheap, and when it dies it makes us a huge token that we're happy to copy. Faerie Artisans will make us a token copy of any creature our opponents play, and allows us to turn all out tokens into their sweet creature! Feldon of the Third Path is a card that can make us sweet tokens. Golden Guardian  Flip is pretty janky, but if you use it's effect it'll turn into a Golem factory that also nets us two mana of any color, so the jank has a decent payoff. Tuktuk the Explorer nets us a sweet token. Wing Splicer makes us a Golem, but more importantly is a Golem lord that gives them all flying. If we happen to turn all our tokens into Golems that might be pretty good. I would also point out that we don't only have 3/3 golem tokens in this deck, Golden Guardian  Flip makes us 4/4 tokens but more importantly Titan Forge makes us a whopping 9/9 token, Wing Splicer is good in this deck. Wurmcoil Engine is one of the pricier cards in this deck, but I assure you it's well worth it. Retrofitter Foundry was mentioned earlier, but I'm throwing it in this section as well because it can pretty easily make us a 4/4 token and remain useful afterwards. Helm of the Host oh me oh my, this card is exceptional in every deck. It's always good, but when we have the ability to turn one token copy of something into 20 of them, it's stupid good. Imagine, if you will, putting the helm on Sharding Sphinx or on Ancient Stone Idol. It's a good card. I'm also a huge fan of Mirrorworks, for one extra mana you can copy and non-token creature and make a token of it. We like tokens. Prototype Portal is kind of similar, basically guarantees you can keep pumping out a specific token as long as your portal doesn't get destroyed. Saheeli's Artistry is another way to turn non-tokens into tokens. Stolen Identity is too, assuming you can get damage across, and I pray you can. Finally, Gargoyle Castle makes a 3/4 with Flying, which in a pinch isn't a bad token to copy.

  • Misc.

We've hit on all our major themes, bu I like to take a moment at the end to reflect on the cards that didn't make it into those themes, but I still think are important enough to mention. First off, the Myr synergies. We touched on a few cards, but Myr Galvanizer is great for untapping all your Myr after they become Myr again. I also slotted Ichorclow Myr in here because I think it'd be funny to use Mirrorworks or something similar to then turn all my tokens into infect creatures. I've also considered adding Coat of Arms in here for my Myr, but again it's something I'll have to consider after more playtesting. Mycosynth Lattice is a great combo piece in any artifact deck, whether we're using The Antiquities War to turn everything we have into a 5/5 creature or simply overloading Vandalblast, it's a great card. World at War could potentially close out a game, and it rebounds too which is exceptional. Indomitable Cretaivity can be really good removal, or let us change in tokens for bigger stuff, or both! Confusion in the Ranks has to be one of my favorite cards in this deck. Imagine exchanging control of a little myr with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or (insert OP creature here). Pretty funny. Gratuitous Violence also makes our attacks feel more impactful and makes our opponents cry, and their salty tears are so so tasty.

That's all she wrote folk! I hope you think this deck is as fun as I do, If you have any suggestions for fun additions I could make, or any feedback at all really, let me know! Also upvotes are always appreciated :)


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