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I'm trying to make the best Brago Deck on a decent budget without stax but more of a value-combo commander. That means that my main way of victory will be removal,card draw in order to control the board state until I combo. I don't like being full of tutors for the combo, what I do like though is having many way to combo.

Wincons :

Mill everyone with Blue Sun's Zenith.

  • Pros: Can be done at instant speed, deterministic win, recurrable from graveyard with Archaeomancer and Mnemonic Wall.
  • Cons: Needs infinite Mana and card draw.
Destroy the opponents board with Spine of Ish Sah.
  • Pros: Not many honestly, it's a bit fun though. And it is an alternative, if you need it. Plus it can be used
    outside the combo for disruption, and if it gets destroyed for some reason, comes back to your hand.
  • Cons: Can't be cast at instant speed, can't be flickered with Parallax Wave, costs a bit much, technically not a deterministic win.

(Not in my deck currently) Infinite token generation.

  • Pros: Repeted Token generation is useful even outside the combo, and when you have infinite tokens you can kill all your opponents at once.
  • Cons: Can't be cast at instant speed mostly, unless you use Teferi, which I have, but you do have to rely on that. Unless your tokens have haste, you can't even win in the same turn, so you can be boardwiped or killed next turn, no question asked.

Bounce everything in the opponents hands with Venser, Shaper Savant (or Riftwing Cloudskate).

  • Pros: Can be done at instant speed, and Venser is super good anyways. (Riftwing Cloudskate can't do it at instant speed though without Teferi. BTW if you want to cast this much stuff you probably need infinite mana, even though technically it isn't strictly required).
  • Cons: Technically not deterministic win, even though people are not going to do much with no board state nor mana. If you use a softer bouncer, like man-o-war, bouncing all creatures is definitely not enough to win, even if you use Reflector Mage.
Exile all nonland permanents with Oblivion Ring or Detention Sphere.
  • Pros: If you really finished all other option, this is something you can do, it will probably win you the game.
  • Cons: Extremely finnicky. Can't be cast at instant speed. Needs instant speed blinker and infinite mana. You leave your opponents alive, with their library, graveyard, hand and life total intact. Plenty of resources to kill you, and if this your last resort as a Win con, you're probably way out of answers and resources for whatever the might want to cast.

Brago, King Eternal + Sol Ring + Strionic Resonator or any number of mana rocks tapping for 2 or more. [Infinite Blinks for nonland permanents. Infinite mana with mana rocks tapping for 3 or more mana in total]

  • Pros: One piece of the combo is your commander, so it will be probably available. Furthermore, the high number of mana-rocks makes pretty reliable that part of the combo too. Strionic costs 2 mana, so I can tutor it with Muddle the Mixture. If I had it, any artifact tutor would work too.
  • Cons: Brago needs to hit someone and do damage, it's not that difficult to obtain but it is something to keep in mind. Furthermore, he needs to attack, which means without Swiftfoot Boots (or Lightining Greaves) you can't do the combo from your hand, he needs to be in play from the turn before.

Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake . [Infinite mana and infinite creature blinks]

  • Pros: Two pieces combo, they'are creature so you can get them back with Karmic Guide, Peregrine Drake comes back with Reveillark too. Can be done at instant speed even though not cast at instant speed without Teferi.
  • Cons: Only creature blinks. This is more than enough usually, since the many creature draw effects let you draw into one of the creature based wincons or the next combo.

Deadeye Navigator + Felidar Guardian + Gilded Lotus (Any manarock that taps for 3 or more colored mana works, also Peregrine Drake. [Infinite mana and infinite nonland permanents blinks]

  • Pros: Can be done at instant speed even though not cast at instant speed without Teferi. Doesn't strictly need Peregrine Drake.
  • Cons: 3 cards combo, 2 of wich are not easily tuturable or recurrable (you can with karmic guide though) Note: This combo con be made with Eldrazi Displacer instead of Deadeye Navigator if you have Panharmonicon on the field, or Peregrine Drake + 5 lands that give you at least

Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Peregrine Drake (Mnemonic wall can work instead of Archaeomancer,[Displace] can work instead of Ghostly Flicker, in that case you only have infinite creature blinks)[Infinite mana and creature, artifact and lands blinks]

  • Pros: Can be done at instant speed every piece is graveyard recurrable and 2/3 pieces have a backup.
  • Cons: Peregrine Drake is necessary for the combo to give you something more than empty blinks (which you could use if you had Altar of the brood, I just don't like it that much.)
Note: If Panharmonicon and Gilded Lotus are on the field you can recur all your instants from your graveyard without needing Peregrine Drake.

Felidar Guardian + Parallax Wave [Infinite Creature Blinks. N.B. If with this you draw into Peregrine Drake you get infinite Mana too]

  • Pros:2 pieces combo, both recurrable from the graveyard even though not too easily. Doesn't need mana. Can be done at instant speed but not cast at instant speed. With Teferi you can cast Felidar Guardian instant though.
  • Cons: Only creature blinks, and by itself no mana production.


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