Brago Control that has staxy pieces to slow down aggressive decks along with targeted removal for specific threats, This deck was designed with Cedh In mind as many in my meta have Cedh level decks or close to it. Meta consists of :(Kess, Storm)(Harvest Animar)(Turns Narset)(Godo Helm)(First Sliver Food Chain)(A Marchesa Hate everyone)(Silvala Brostorm)(Derivi Stax) This deck works primarily thru the Altar of the brood, This is done by tutoring for Strionic resonator and Altar and at least a way of producing 2 mana to go inifinite on flickering. If strionic is removed you could infinitely flicker peregrine drake with Deadeye navigator or eldrazi displacer. Deadeye navigator also works with cloud of fairies. There are two other wincons in this deck in which you draw out your deck during the Flickering, and have Jace out. Also at any moment in which infinite mana is available one could use blue sun zenith to draw all the cards from the deck, or to draw out an opponent


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