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I'm trying to make the best budget Brago Deck without stax or tutors into combo. That means that my main way of victory will be removal,token generation and card draw in order to get an oppressive board state. Eventually getting to combo off is fine, I just don't want my deck to be one dimentional, so 3 turn of ramp then tutor the strionic and a card draw engine, play brago, ramp and combo off or something. What I do like though is having many way to combo. So like Mnemonic wall (or Archaeomancer) with Ghostly Flicker or felidar guardian with deadeye navigator (both of these need a mana rock tapping for 3 colored though).

Anyways I'm trying to make a fun deck, possibly good enough to win with some sort of consistency but more than that with a lot of playing consistency, so it doesn't get completely shut down in one fell swoop and possibly doesn't get mana screwed.

If you have any suggestion feel free to give me all you got :)


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