This is my attempt to take advantage of the reprint of Vampire Nocturnus giving vampires three lords in the format. This deck has played pretty well against the aggro matchups because of the amount of life gain. I am still fine tuning and trying to acquire some more of the cards, so any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated (I'll comment back)! Thanks!


I played this deck for 4 rounds of FNM on Fiday and 5 rounds of Game Day on Saturday. I also managed to borrow 2 Cavern of Souls from a friend of mine so that helped the mana base quite a bit. I finished 4-5 overall with some mixed results, but very strong game 1s winning 6 out of 9 game 1s.

FNMRound 1Heartless summoning W-L-W

Round 2W/U Delver + Geist of St TW-L-L

Round 3ZombiesL-LMull to 5 game 1Mull to 6 game 2From what I have seen I generally have a good matchup with Zombies because of lifelink and my own blood artists, so I was disappointed that these werent really games. Mulling against a turn 1 gravecrawler and a turn 3 messenger both games is no good.

Round 4Blue Green InfectL-W-W

Saturday Game DayRound 1Esper Super FriendsW-L-W

Round 2Esper Solar Flare controlW-L-L

Round 3Goblins + BurnL-LMull to 6 both gamesThis deck belongs to a friend of mine so I have seen it a lot but just didnt seem to get it going after a slow start.

Round 4R/B ZombiesW-L-W

Round 5Naya HumansW-L-L

The only change I made to the deck was for Saturday I cut one of the Bloodline Keepers in favor of Olivia, but I found that Bloodline Keeper won me a lot of games because of its ability to grind games to a halt and then get big enough that I could kill someone in one shot.

Some of the new thoughts about this deck. Duress was generally underwhelming as I ran into more midrange decks than I had anticipated and ran into a lot of Restoration Angels. I think Sign in Blood Might be helpful to draw cards as life isnt generally a problem with this deck. Im also starting to think about reassesing the combonation of Child of Night and Blood Artist. I dont know if 4 of each is the right number. Comments would be much appreciated.

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ianponting says... #1

Might run a lot smoother if you traded the 3 Evolving Wilds for 2 Mountain and 1 Swamp . You already have higher red mana then needed, but this would be a very conservative change. I would almost take out all the mountains and evolving wilds due to the 8 dual lands.

August 7, 2012 12:26 a.m.

cheddar says... #2

Sword of War and Peace my friend runs 2 in his vamp deck and it really helps out

August 8, 2012 1:03 p.m.

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