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B/R Vampire. Very aggressive

Standard Aggro BR (Rakdos) Vampires


An aggro deck I put together using some kaladesh cards and the madness mechanic. This is card for card my deck I have at the moment. The thing I love most about this deck is that the most expensive cards are only THREE CMC if utilized correctly with madness. A crazy cheap mana-cost deck which lets you spew creatures, thats why I put 4 Evolving Wilds as to thin out the deck as much as possible since all you really need is 3 mana to summon any card and any more is very nice for value.

In your starting hand you would want to have atleast one of the following, Stromkirk Condemned, Heir of Falkenrath  Flip or possibly Falkenrath Gorger for an early drop. Stormkirk Condemned gives you the option early on to be able to discard cards and either play cards for less and/or buffing weaker creatures to break through blocker's and get the health low. Heir of Falenrath is a nice solid card to have in the first few turns as it lets you discard a card to gain value and is a decent evasive creature early on.

The plan is to deal damage as fast as possible before any deck gets the chance to stabilize and be able to deal with your weak creatures. If you manage to get far in the game, you have a few spells to help keep you going for any extra burn spells you need to draw. Tormenting Voice is a cheap spell that gives you a chance to use madness and get 2 cards to continue the aggression. Bloodhall Priest is a big creature in this deck and once you're able to have no cards it can be very dangerous for the opponent if you've brought their health down enough. Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Fiery Temper and Incorrigible Youths are all cards that can surprise your opponent for that extra bit of damage you might be lacking if the opponent is very close to lethal

Love the new Smuggler's Copter card, gives this deck even more options and makes weaker cards such as Furyblade Vampire and Falkenrath Gorger stronger. With the Copter, you don't need to discard a card to activate Furyblade Vampire 's ability and makes it evasive if the opponent has many blocker's that can't reach flying creatures. This also buffs Falkenrath Gorger as this card used to be used for utility more than anything but has a very useful task with the addition of the Kaladesh vehicle

Changing a 3 of a kind Collective Defiance for Distemper of the Blood works well for this deck in certain games. For example if you get 4 land on the field and need to cycle out for spell's it can help out a lot to build up a board.


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Changed 3 Distemper of the Blood For 3 Collective Defiance . Gives the deck more options and lets you cycle a bad hand


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