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I usually play a budget, but rather competitive version of 8-Rack at FNM. I've been wanting to shake things up a bit and splash some red for a burn/discard type deck. It runs 4 Liliana's Caress and 4 Waste Not s as the core of the deck. The rest of the spells burn the opponent and discard their hand to reap the benefits of the Lili and Waste and deal some massive amounts of damage. I am on a budget, so the mana base will have to be simple and cheap, but I would love some help with the main board and side board. Would really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, God bless!

Update: 7/17/2019

This was at a more casual modern night on Wednesday, and I figured it would be perfect to test this "R/B Waste Not" before FNM. First thing to note, this deck is EXTREMELY fun to pilot! The randomness and chaos of the Rakdos guild make it exciting to play, and some opponents reported the same while playing against it. Basically it's less hated than 8-Rack, which I also play. :)

This deck was very aggressive, and a lot of people got very surprised and worried as I drained 10 life on turn 3 with a Collective Defiance triggering Liliana's Caress 5 times! But in later turns I struggled to finish off the last couple of life points. There were only 3 rounds this past Wednesday, and I went 1-2.

Game 1: I first played against a mono-white Prison Deck, and lost the first game to some 4/4 Angel Tokens, some milling and Oblivion Ring s on my Enchantments. I then boarded in Liliana of the Veil and Slaughter Games , exiling his O-Rings and taking the next two games with some wear and tear with Waste Not . In games like this, I would have loved something like a Master of the Feast to keep my opponents hands full, it was painfully slow, using Lili's ult twice! We won't talk about that though :). I won this match in the end.

Game 2: The next game was against a White/Blue Control/Combo deck with a Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian combo, which despite Slaughter Games , I could not disrupt. He kept countering my spells, and could neither deal damage with the enchantments or kill Saheeli. I only had 2 Slaughter Games in the Side Board, but having 2 more would have been great! Also, 4 Dreadbore would have been class for that, but I still need to acquire them. I lost this game in the end.

Game 3: This game was against a R/G Ponza deck and getting lands destroyed sucked. This is where Simian Spirit Guide was key, often using it as a third land for a three drop discard or Burning Inquiry . I got locked out of the game with a Lattice thing, one the second match with a clutch discard spell, and then lost the last with a monstrous dragon I couldn't kill. I lost this match in the end!

All in all, the deck performed well. I expected to go up against more creatures, but next time I'll be prepared. There were some times I didn't have enough red sources, so I think adding 1-2 Rakdos Carnarium will help fix it better, especially with the budget land base I have gone for. 1 Geier Reach Sanitarium would also be nice for some nice triggers with the Enchantments if I run into mana with Waste Not or just need a sink for it. I am going to Main Board 3 Master of the Feast s as well, for a big body and hand filling. My only concern with this deck is how full the three drop slot is. I would love to find a discard spell that discards multiple cards for 1-2 mana, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

In Conclusion:

-2 Sign in Bloods -1 Terminate ... +3 Master of the Feast s

-2 Murderous Cut ... +1 Dream Salvage +1 Collective Defiance

-1 Swamp -2 Smoldering Marsh ... +1 Geier Reach Sanitarium +2 Rakdos Carnarium


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