This is my entry for my local group's Budget Tribal Battles! There are a few simple rules, only the first of which is really enforced:

1) Every creature in your deck must be your chosen creature type. 2) Every other spell should feature your creature type in the art, or should have a name pertaining to that type (for Skeletons, anything with 'skull', 'spinal', etc.) 3) The whole deck should cost around £25. 4) You can pick a subtheme (for this deck, I chose to add more ships to my 'Skeleton Fleet'). 5) Bonus points if you're able to have all basic lands featuring your chosen type. 6) You may, without judgement, use any or all of the following generic tribal support cards if you feel your deck is in desperate need of a power boost: Obelisk of Urd, Door of Destinies, Vanquisher's Banner.


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