Standard (no longer) Battle of Wits deck for laughs.

You could mulligan down to nothing in an attempt to get any of the cards that aren't land or just roll with an all-land hand and hope to draw into something.

You WILL lose with this deck, but the laughs for beating someone with it are endless! Oh and Oblivion Ring will be your new favorite card to hate and probably along with any counter magic cards!

Suggestions are warmly welcome!


-You have a little greater than a 9.17% chance to draw anything other than a land on each and every card draw. In other words, you should see a card that's not a land, one in every nine cards or so.

-You have 211 cards left in your library after your opening hand, so you must draw into something other than a land by your turn 10 or 11 (assuming you're alive still).


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This decklist WAS standard around 2012. I should probably update this to be modern-efficient :)


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