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Bow before Draconic King!!! | *UMA* Update

Commander / EDH* Dragons Five Color Multiplayer Ramp Theme/Gimmick Tribal



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"The Ur-Dragon, Progenitor of Fire, is an enormous and immensely powerful Dragon Avatar. An entity from the dawn of time, it is the primordial essence of all Dragonkind in the Multiverse. With its wings, that extend across the eternities, it stirs the fabric of the cosmos. Its breath bellows over the mortals, stealing the essence of life. With claws that rake the aether, it sunders ancient bonds. Thanks to its eyes, the Ur-Dragon perceives the deepest truths concelead in the wells of time. Its bellowing roar summons its brood, echoing through the blood of all dragonkind, for the Ur-Dragon is the progenitor from which the dragons of the Multiverse spawned"

"It is a world as cruel as those who call it home. There's only one rule here: the strong survive.
The sky is the dragon’s throne, the seat from which it issues its fiery decrees."

This is 5-color deck leaning towards Jund colors () while rest () is considered splash

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Draconic Chronicles

(Upgrading the Deck)

"'Welcome, dear child...'
You hear this deep, powerful voice inside your head just seconds after getting your Dragon deck.
'These cards contain power of me and my scions... Use them wisely...'.
This being speaks to you as if it knew you for a long time and after first shock comes revelation - this must be voice of the Primal Dragon itself!
'This deck is like a path... Your first step was to get it and now comes your first challenge - make it stronger'.
After this comes deep silence. This is your first task and after that maybe, just maybe... you'll hear and learn more. You also realize that you don't have much money in you pocket, about $20, so you must choose wisely what should be added and what can wait."

This deck isn't super powerful out of the box but it still has potential thanks to the core cards being present there like Utvara Hellkite and Scourge of Valkas and reasonable ramp with Farseek , Cultivate and Kodama's Reach . If you (just like I did) bought pre-con then first thing I'd recommend to upgrade is manabase. BUT bear with me as I'm not going to tell you to buy all the shocklands and fetches like most people would. Because of Farseek being already in the deck I'd make these changes:

With these changes (for less than $20) deck has more flexible mana base that can be easily fixed with Farseek , Nature's Lore and Skyshroud Claim thanks to BFZ dual lands. They are better than AKH cycle because they have potential of coming into play untapped. Replacing Dreamstone Hedron with Fellwar Stone not only makes ramp faster but also provides colored mana. Finally Dragon's Hoard gives colored mana and can be good card draw as you cast more and more dragons. Average CMC is also lowered by about 0.13.

"'You did a good job shaping the land the way you need it...'"
The voice resonated again inside your head so it WAS real.
"'Yet you still need to learn more - become stronger.'"
'But I already did..' you think immediately.
"'Strength lies also in speed - that's your second lesson.'"

After first wave of upgrades comes more. Since ramp was improved then getting faster means giving Dragons haste and having more ways to ramp and drawing cards. So I'd propose these changes:

Above changes provide cheap ramp, cost reduction, haste and low-cost Dragons so... basically everything that Dragon deck would need. And they cost about $.

SL means that I don't have this card IRL yet. Also leave +1 if you like the deck


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