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!BOUNCY CASTLE! - Norin the Wary EDH

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Norin, the Bouncy KING!

I am still acquiring cards for this deck as well as testing and building it, this deck-list is an accurate representation of the exact cards and printings I am using in real life. The "MaybeBoard" is cards I still need to buy, as well as cards I'm considering using.

The reason I chose Norin the Wary over something like Purphoros, God of the Forge is mainly because he draws much less attention from the table than the LITERAL GOD OF FIRE.

He's very innocent looking and will go under the radar during most games (unless they understand the power of Norin)

There are a number of ways to benefit from all the bouncing going on, as well as a ton of ways to tune up the amount of bouncing, and its a load of fun!

Guys to Bounce: Imperial Recruiter can fetch almost any creature in the entire deck. Goblin Recruiter is the same idea. Siege-Gang Commander and Combustible Gearhulk are some of the most powerful cards to bounce.

Trampolines: The most powerful trampolines in this deck are Conjurer's Closet and Cloudstone Curio. There are other ones worth mentioning such as Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Mimic Vat, and Feldon of the Third Path all of which help recur the powerful Enter the Battlefield triggers. Another card that helps push along the bounce-mobile is Goblin Welder it has tons of potential and is super helpful when your best artifacts get knocked down.

Now red struggles with 2 things in particular, drawing cards, and ramping up but Norin has no trouble with these

Drawing: There are lots of Wheel of Fortune effects that this deck takes advantage of, but the real star of the card-draw-show is Skullclamp there are always lots of little 1/1's on the board, usually goblins, and for only 1 mana each we can eat them up and draw some cards. We also have Chandra Ablaze & Daretti, Scrap Savant to filter our hand out better.

Wheelchair Ramp: We got the classic Sol Ring, the not-as-classic Mox Amber, which works great with a Commander that comes out turn 1. Mana Flare is risky, but I'm a risk taker and I love it. Gauntlet of Power also helps out a ton, I would use Gauntlet of Might but I'm not rolling in dough.

No Lands for You: There are a few ways to deny your opponents lands, Magus of the Moon and Blood Moon work very well against multi-colored decks. There are also a number of cards like Strip Mine and Wasteland that can get rid of enemy land, and Crucible of Worlds makes this a whole lot better for you.

NO: Sometimes it's nice to just tell your opponents "NO" like with Heat Stroke or Stranglehold or even Grip of Chaos, making it harder for your opponents to play Magic makes it easier for you to play.

There are a number of games that Norin loves to play, Goblin Game and Game of Chaos are a few of them, but another important game is Magic the Gathering. Despite this decks silly appearance it has some serious potential, lets talk COMBOS!

The most simple and easiest combo is Norin the Wary and Confusion in the Ranks stealing 1 creature during every single turn, including your opponents turns because Norin always comes back to papa.

Using Mogg Infestation on your own board can finish games, if you have even one of the following cards in play: Purphoros, God of the Forge, Pandemonium, Warstorm Surge, Impact Tremors. This of course can be made even better using Panharmonicon.

Cards like Pia and Kiran Nalaar can return themselves to your hand using Cloudstone Curio this can be super powerful if paired with other powerhouse cards in the deck.

A card that can win games outright is Warp World, similar to Mogg Infestation, playing this on a full board of goblins can generate a ton of value. If Warp World manages to pull Panharmonicon, Purphoros, God of the Forge, even just a few of the right creatures can be deadly to your opponent. Not to mention that Warp World could potentially set you up with a bunch of new untapped lands to play cards from your hand with, overall one of the most fun cards.

You will like this deck if you:
Are a Mono Red demon
Enjoy random effects
Praise the holy Norin
Enjoy having a lot of activated abilities to remember and be confused about

You will dislike this deck if you:
Are boring
Like winning every game
Like having a super powerful commander

(This only talks about mainboard changes, not any maybeboard changes)
6/9/18: Removed Impulsive Maneuvers for Jaya Ballard
6/10/18 Removed Dragon Fodder for Stolen Strategy
6/10/18: WE GOT TOP 2!!! Thanks guys, I'm glad you've been enjoying this deck!
7/5/18: Removed a Mountain for Forgotten Cave.
8/28/18: Removed 4 things for Wheel of Fortune, Ancient Tomb, Disrupt Decorum, and Blasphemous Act.
11/13/18: A lot of changes, too lazy to put em here, mainly land upgrades.


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