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Heavily play tested bounce deck that has reliably annoyed the heck out of my opponents. Its a relatively slow deck but it excels at throwing off your opponent's tempo. If you make it to late game, this deck has total control.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is often a tutor target, assuming Venser, the Sojourner is already in hand or in play. Augustin combined with Sunscape Familiars provides remarkable synergetic mana acceleration/efficiency.

Imperial Recruiter is incredibly imbalanced in this creature heavy deck, considering that 22/23 creatures have 2 or less power. Plus, there are plenty of ways to bounce or temporarily exile (using Venser, the Sojourner) Imperial Recruiter in order to tutor again.

Sen Triplets is essentially a 3/3, a City of Solitude, reveals your opponents hand, and youll be able to easily play any of your opponents cards since this is a 5 color deck. If you have Grand Arbiter Augustin IV in play then shes only 3 mana to cast!

Doran, the Siege Tower gives this creature heavy deck up to +40 combat power for only 3 mana! Your walls are no longer just blockers but heavy hitters that will fortify your defense. 4/4 Tradewind riders and Birds with +1 pecking power.

Cyclonic Rift is insane; returns all non-land permanents that you dont control. Seriously?! Say you have 3 opponents with 6 permanents each, presto, mega bounce!

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage: +1 prevents permanents from untapping which works perfectly with the bounce lockdown. Her -2 is OP in this creature heavy deck, simply target yourself for a full hand. Ultimate is GG. 2 blue for infinite Capsizes; 1 blue for infinite Time Walks.

Venser, the Sojourner is the star Planeswalker for this deck. Exile Eternal Witness for infinite Time Walks; Exile Venser, Shaper Savant for bouncy; Exile Wall of Blossoms for card draw. If you have Doran, the Siege Tower in play, then his -1 is GG. His ultimate works perfectly with the bounce lockdown.

Awakening stacks so once you have Tradewind Rider and a couple other creatures, assisted with capsize and 6 mana, you can return permanents like crazy. Two Awakenings in play translates to 3 capsizes/tradewind triggers during your turn, and 2 triggers during your opponent's turn. Now that Prophet of Kruphix is exists, 1x Awakening is sufficient.

I left out Brainstorm since Jace serves as a reusable Brainstorm, and besides, this isn't a speed deck. I left Maelstrom Archangel on the sidelines since this decks most common win scenario involves your opponent conceding because he has nothing in play while hes forced to discard. lol

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