Just played 2 tournaments at 2 different LGS's and went 5-15, only winning 1 round. Out of the 35~ decks in 2 nights I only saw 3-4 aggros. Seems like my meta around here might be control / midrange.

My current side board is just cards I threw in to get to a total of 15.My maybe board is what I believe I should purchase for a real sideboard? Any critiques on mainboard also would be excellent. Like suggestions for better creatures(not looking to break the bank, please dont suggest a playset that will cost $40+).

I need to build a side board for controls and midranges. I just started a week before gatecrash and I am having a blast learning/playing, but I sure would like some more victories under my belt. Any help would be appreciated.


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Thought's on removing Ash Zealot/Legion Loyalist for Firemane Avenger? Also what are some cards that destory enchantments like o-ring and d-sphere? I was shut down multiple times on those 2 cards.


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