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Boros Conscription

Standard* Humans RW (Boros)



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Boros Conscription (R/W force their creatures to join your army)

Updating with Gatecrash in progress. Switched out Mark of Mutiny for Traitorous Blood to allow faster aggro and Cloudshift to be saved for Aurelia if combo is not ready.


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Since the last time I played this deck at a FNM in my area, this deck has some new threats. A lot of decks out there will give this list a big headache. Sigarda, Host of Herons has proven to be difficult to deal with. Sweepers, board wipes, and heavy control will rip this deck apart.

I'm having second thoughts about Conjurer's Closet, it doesn't really help or do much unless I have 2 of them out blinking a zealous conscript, and Restoration Angel every turn. I'm going to look into replacing it with Cathars' Crusade or Increasing Devotion. One will pump all our creatures up, and the other will quickly give Champion of the Parish a quick +5/+5 boost. If I do end up with Increasing Devotion I'll definitely consider using Gather the Townsfolk, Kessig Malcontents, and Burn at the Stake.

I had to replace the 4 Azorious Arrester with 4 Ash Zealot as they proved to be slow or useless unless my opponent has something for me to detain. Without anything on the opposite side the card wasn't doing anything. Also looking into Fencing Ace as the cheap double strike could be pretty deadly.

Sideboard will need to be reworked, I did find what I needed to make the deck more aggressive and still allow the combo to be kept in the mainboard. So now I'll need to look for more supporting cards to keep this deck going, but I might have to wait until Gatecrash for all the Boros cards to be revealed.


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