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Borborygmos Lands & Pain

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This is a Borborygmos Land deck that came from the idea of the "Bad Lands" deck. When I stumbled across Borbor I thought he would be a fun commander to play casual games with and would be a "budget build" with nearly 50 lands!. But as I looked more into the possibilities with this seemingly B grade commander, I realized with the right combination of spells and creatures he could be turned into a fine tuned killing machine.

This is where the deck has ended up, I definitely lost track of my original "budget build" but I think it is still a reasonably priced deck that can stand up to all sorts of enemies. There is slightly fewer lands than I had originally wanted for the deck, but I have put in several ways of recurring all of my lands from my graveyard and either bringing them back to my hand or to the battlefield. Also I have plenty of draw power to ensure that I will be able to have lots of lands in hand and be able to find the needed creatures/spells. I have tried to put in a decent mix of creatures and effects to make it not completely dependent on Borbor and his abilities. Omnath, Locus of Rage, Titania, Protector of Argoth, Avenger of Zendikar and Rampaging Baloths will make a dominating board presence with all of the extra land drops and land recursion. I also put in Craterhoof Behemoth as an alternate win condition if I am able to create a bunch of landfall tokens.

I logged my edits as the deck progressed, please take a look and tell me what you think. I am always looking to make my decks stronger and more consistent, so if there are any great cards I missed, please let me know. If you like the deck please give it an upvote so more people can see it!!


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So took the deck out for it's first public test run and it performed pretty well. Won my first match which was a 1v1 against a dragon deck, was able to blow past them with my ramp and dropped a Scapeshift with Valakut out for the win!

Game 2 was a four player game, I was able to get Font of Myhos out quick and pretty much talked my way into not being touch for a few turns with group card draw. I stayed in the shadows until I could get myself in a good position and had Avenger of Zendikar out and played Scapeshift and had a beautiful board with more plants than I could count. Took out 2 with combat damage and finished the last off with Praetor's Counsel and discarded with Borbor for the win.

Game 3 was a 4 player game and it did not go well. Was up against a strong control deck that knew exactly what I wanted to do and he stopped me in my tracks. I was shut down and taken out at target #1. In retaliation I pulled out my Athreos/Shadowborn Apostle deck and showed no mercy, tutored for all my ramp with Razaketh (Urborg, Cabal Coffers, Extraplanar Lens & Doubling Cube) and played a Torment of Hailfire for 38 taking out all 3 players in 1 quick shot.

Overall I was very happy with Borbor's performance and I look forward to next weeks Commander night!



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