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This is a deck I built for my girl who is very new to magic. RDW is typically very cheap and very easy to play and win with. (Also, this deck does REALLLLLLLY well v.s. control)

Go go Goblins! Standard goblin build with Hellrider and Goblin Chieftain also Goblin Grenade + Reverberate is the main win-con which usually goes something like this: "Are you below 10 yet?" "Yes. Why?" "Die"

If you like this deck check out any of my others and comment.

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I'm going to put Thunderous Wrath through it's paces and playtest it in sideboard.

Chandra, the Firebrand goes in for Hellrider.

Shrine of Burning Rage goes in for the Goblin Wardrivers.

Grafdigger's Cage goes in for any of the one drop goblins.

Reforge the Soul also goes in for any of the one drop goblins.

Thunderous Wrath gets sided in for what was left over from the other three siding in.

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