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Boom, Crack, the Sound of Your Heart.

Modern Control Land Destruction Midrange Mono-Red Tempo


How to counter the Modern Meta:
1. Play land destruction as a primary mechanic.
2. Play as many Kamigawa cards as possible: Crack the Earth .
3. Play on the draw aggressively: Turn 0 Simian Spirit Guide + Crack the Earth , Then land for turn.
4. Play Boom targeting your Cascading Cataracts/Darksteel Citadel and their best land.
5. Ask yourself everyday if you can run Dingus Egg .
6. Koth of the Hammer over Chandra, Torch of Defiance.
7. Sac your token from Young Pyromancer to Crack the Earth for a 1 drop one-sided permanent removal.
8. Hate Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator (with a passion).
9. Boil .
10. Play Obsidian Fireheart blazing any remaining lands.11. Smile to self.


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