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Boo Berry (Cephalid Breakfast)




A self-mill combo using an alternate win condition with Laboratory Maniac and Azami, Lady of Scrolls. Have Cephalid Illusionist and Shuko in play, equip an amount of times to mill your whole library (usually 17), then sacrifice the Narcomoebas gotten along the way to flash back Dread Return, target Angel of Glory's Rise, reanimate Azami, Laboratory Maniac and all of your other humans, and tap your wizards to win the game! (Might take a few taps to draw the rest of your library if you still have cards in it.) Deck is slightly tweaked from the original by James Heslip on MTGSalvation. Enjoy!



LordDavop says... #1

I have a very similar deck to this. Why do you have Flashfreeze when you could have Counterspell ?

November 3, 2013 11:38 p.m.

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