This deck is my wacky brain child from staying up way too late and giving some love to one of my favorite sets and creature cycles, the Amonkhet Gods. This one is a Bontu Aristocrat deck that wants to win through the traditional means of Aristocrats or if you somehow manage to win off Mortal Combat, a personal goal of mine. Another way to win is through a combo that took awhile to figure out, which is

Blood Pet-Dark Prophecy-Mortuary

The order of the combo goes like this, first get down Blood Pet, Dark Prophecy and Mortuary in any order, then sack the Blood Pet to gain then, stack the trigger of Mortuary before Dark prophecy, so blood pet goes on top of your library, then Dark prophecy lets you draw that Blood Pet which is now on top of your deck, this process with a pinger such as Vindictive Vampire will negate the life loss from Dark Prophecy and drain the table.


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