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Bone Breakers- Mono Black Aggro

Standard* Aggro Mono-Black Tribal Zombie



Standard legal Skeleton/Zombie tribal deck. This deck has plenty of solid 1, 2, and 3 drops to consistently play a threat each turn. Death Baron turns all of our creatures deadly, including Barrier of Bones , an excellent blocker, and Reassembling Skeleton , making it an absolute pain to deal with.

Aside from creatures, we have a good number of spells that can work as spot removal of creatures of all kinds to keep us swinging, as well as several ways to resurrect our own creatures, including the powerful Gruesome Menagerie , which we can use to great effect based on our creature's mana costs. This will ensure we always have access to Death Baron , or whatever other creature we might need.

Finally, the sideboard offers new options for the deck. We can introduce more powerful creatures to push through damage, like Bone Dragon and Josu Vess, Lich Knight . We also have Duress to give some extra power versus control heavy opponents, Golden Demise to take care of tokens and early aggro, and Graveyard Marshal can still offer utility when faced with graveyard hate.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this deck better and more competitive, please let me know!


Updates Add

Based on suggestions by Bxbx and TMBRLZ, have made the following changes:

Removed: 3x Barrier of Bones 3x Tattered Mummy 2x Necrotic Wound

Added: 4x Graveyard Marshal (moved from sideboard) 1x Reassembling Skeleton 1x Cast Down 1x Murder 1x Swamp 3x Skeleton Archer to the sideboard


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