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Gwendlyn says Rack Effects Matter

Commander / EDH Cruel Control Discard UBR (Grixis)



A throwback to the original discard decks which won by The Rack effects. Seems like most discard decks nowadays rely more on Megrim effects. Even back and forth’s I’ve had on commander pages on Facebook ppl don’t see the usefulness of Rack effects. All they worry bout is how to get around the fact that once opponents have no cards in hand that the Megrim type cards have no effect. Now with Rack effects that ain’t an issue.

And copycats for the above cards

Just keep them at no more than 0-2 cards in hand and all the Rack effects in here will make short work of the table. And there are a number of copycat cards in here that will stack on more Rack effects. One of the best synergies in the deck is to attach Elder Mastery to Lavaborn Muse or either of the other three creatures with Rack effects. Opponents will be discarding 2 cards on each of their upkeeps.


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Exchanged Narset, Parter of Veils for Mind Rake I already had another way of preventing opponents from drawing more than one card per turn with Notion Thief and figured could always use another discard card. Also exchanged Caligo Skin-Witch for Stronghold Rats The only reason the rats weren’t in the deck before was I hadn’t seen these particular rats. As soon as I saw it I knew something had to come out.



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