Bolas’s Citadel is a clear build-around card, but what’s the right shell? Tune in to Clever Combo Season 3 Episode 2 to see how Lydia thinks Phyrexian Mana had it right all along.

The key to Bolas's Citadel is to get the cards off the top of your library as fast and effectively as possible. Junk like Ritual of Rejuvenation and even Heartwarming Redemption offset the life cost, effectively cycling from the top of your library for free or nearly free.

But why go digging through your deck? Jace, Wielder of Mysteries provides a perfect wincon for a deck that effectively mills itself in the weirdest way possible. Good old reliable Nexus of Fate also helps delay until you can bag out an empty-library wincon.

Kaya’s Wrath and some sideboard removal/hate wrap the deck up nicely.


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