A Voltron-style EDH-deck with legendary Slippery Bogle : Geist of Saint Traft .

The idea is to beef up the old hexproof Geist with auras and equipment to make him a big, evasive, preferably indestructible menace and beat people with commander damage. The free angel that follows him around is a sweet bonus, but we are really counting on Saint Traft to do the heavy lifting. Of course we need some support pieces as well so we don't die or run out of cards before we manage to win.

CARD-ADVANTAGE This deck does really not want to play in topdeck mode so carddraw is crucial. Creatures like Sram, Senior Edificer and Kor Spiritdancer let us draw new cards as we do our thing. Also auras like Curiosity is great sources of on-theme card-advantage.

EVASION The Geistdaddy is a spirit but apparently he can't fly strangely enough. So we have to make him harder to block in order to deal damage. Steel of the Godhead is great for this purpose. Spirit Mantle and Holy Mantle basically does the same.

PROTECTION Use protection kids! There are ways to kill a ghost despite it being hexproof. Wrath's are an issue for example. The umbra auras is great here. Umbra Mystic gives all auras Totem-armor. Forced sacrifice is an even bigger problem. Hopefully we've got some less important dudes to sac, but some counterspells ar needed. Disallow is great as it also gets activated and triggered abilities. And when all else fails: Teferi's Protection .

REMOVAL A big upside of playing white is cost-efficient, exile-based removal, for example Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile . White also has access to the best boardwipes in magic. Winds of Rath is probably the best sweeper in our deck as it kills a lot of creatures and leaves our commander in play. A big upside of playing blue is Cyclonic Rift . Beware of salty opponents.

RAMP Every EDH-deck needs fast mana. As we don't play green our go-to ramp is mana-rocks. Just the usual stuff here. However Sword of the Animist is hard put-extra-lands-in-play ramp AND is on theme.

PUMP Under this category I've put all the juicy auras and equipment which do one thing: make Geist of Saint Traft bigger and stronger. Some of them come with added bonuses like vigilance, trample and lifelink.

SUPPORT Filed under "Support" are spells that don't fit any other categories but still have an important job to do.

LANDS Last, but not least the most important cards of any MTG deck: the lands. Just the usual stuff but some utility lands like Sandstone Bridge , Sejiri Steppe , Soaring Seacliff and Opal Palace is on theme with the rest of the deck.


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