Bogle School (RIP 2014 list.. now Updated for 2016)

"You train that Bogle!"

Glory to Reid Duke


I recommend reading the Primer about Reid Dukes 'Selesnya Auras' on Salvation or.... for the lazy ones . I also recommend reading the article on SCG "So You Think You Can Bogle" by Harry Corverse.

  • play a turn 1 hexproof creature; boost it. At this point you will probably win in 3 turns. It is important that this is an actual turn one drop AND hexproof. Mulligan till you have 1 land and 1 hexproof creature. Topdecking auras is easy in this setup but you won't find a creature or a land fast enough to fix a slow start. That is why the biggest threat is Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize when you start on the draw.

  • in case of edict (for example: Card/effect: "Each/Target Player sacrifices one creature" or something similar) fetch and sac Dryad Arbor. This is why you should keep an uncracked fetchland on the board. Do not crack it immediately to bring the Arbor into play, it can be removed. As long as it is still a fetchland its a pretty save thing. When the edict goes on the stack you fetch the Arbor and sac it. This way your Bogle is safe.

  • in case of the inevitable Blood Moon etc. fetch the basic forest. BM etc is only a problem if you have to rebuild for some reason. Fetching the basic forest helps with that, but mainly its to pay for Nature's Claim.


(This is what I use with my local meta. It might not be the best choice for YOU! Spirit Link, Hyena Umbra and Path to Exile are slots that can be sideboarded. Most are enchantments, so they wont devalue Ethereal Armor)

Because there has been alot of confusion about Spirit Link : this is an easily sideboardable slot in the MB that doesnt change the decks speed or aggression and while in MB it can be used as a Defang against most aggro decks which is super handy (also thats the reason its better than Spirit Loop ) or to stack own life gain which can buy the time you need to adjust when struggling in match #1 before SB; its totally underrated and i recommend testing it. With Keen Sense, Kor Spiritdancer for card draw and 1.30 avg. CMC you can mull very aggressively till you have that turn1 creature you need and still have a good chance to win. In theory you could still win with a starting hand of 2, and yes that happened. In terms of Bogle-decks this setup has proven to be consistent (its still a gamble compared to other common MDN decks).


                                     non-competitive, budget (under 200$!) version click below

Charm School

Modern PepsiAddicted


For Modern/Casual matches you can always message me on MTGO (username: Pepsiaddict )


Updates Add

after like 2 years i decided to come back to my old slippery friends.

i cut Keen Sense for Gryffs Boon. yesterday at GPT Lille i saw some1 play Bogles with Gryff's Boon and i thought 'yeah thats some great extra evasion'

i am not going to focus alot on this deck or anyting and it is NOWHERE as well positioned as Gonorrhea in the modern meta BUT even after ~3 years it is still a rogue deck that can be alot of fun to play.

all comments have been removed because the list is not the same anymore

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