I liked the idea of a graveyard based deck so i attempted to make one. The goal of this deck is to get creatures in my graveyard so i can pump up my creatures. Birds of Paradise helps me boost my mana base and it can block fliers.[armored skaab]] gets stuff in my grave and is a good blocker. Merfolk Looter also helps get stuff in my grave and provides me with a new card. Mulch and Forbidden Alchemy fill my graveyard with goodies.

My flashback spells are nice because i can cast them from my grave. Memory's Journey allows me to shuffle cards i want back from my grave back into my library. Artful Dodge makes one of my big creatures unblockable. Gnaw to the Bone keeps me alive til my board is set up.

Making big unblockable creatures is the best way to win.Casting Artful Dodge to a big creature or an alternative win with a Blighted Agent enchanted with wreath of geist.Kessig Cagebreakers can turn the game around if i need it.


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