Blue Tron Scrimmage is a type of control deck as opposed to the more aggro Tron decks you may commonly see. This deck is designed to disrupt the enemy with cards like Condescend , Remand , Chalice of the Void , and Repeal while creating significant card advantage with Thirst for Knowledge and Solemn Simulacrum until you secure your manabase and/or get Tron online (but Tron is not required!). Then it's time to roll out the threats like Wurmcoil Engine , Mindslaver , Sundering Titan , and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon .

So far I've put up pretty decent results at the local game shop. I'm constantly tweaking it for better or worse and I welcome all constructive feedback, suggestions, play-tips, and comments. It's sure a lot more fun and thought provoking than my former deck, Burn

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Took a break from this deck for a while. I found myself disheartened by my local meta running so many fast aggro decks that I kept getting trounced. I've been running The Only Things Certain: Eldrazi & Taxes which is fun, but Blue Tron Scrimmage is my home. I'll always end up back here.

I've attempted a revamp of this deck using some of the tactics I've seen in a few 5-0 decks on MTG Goldfish and MTG Top 8. I'll be running a pair of Karn, Scion of Urza s for card advantage and I finally picked up an Engineered Explosives which have been huge additions.

I also recently purchased 2 Surgical Extraction s and they have been an excellent SB addition in a few of my decks for dismantling combos.

Anyway, I look forward to getting some results. I'd love to hear some feedback from you folks. Until then, Cheese out.


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