Blue Tron is a type of control-value deck as opposed to the more proactive Green Tron. This deck is designed to disrupt the enemy with cards like Condescend , Remand , Chalice of the Void , and Repeal while creating significant card advantage with Thirst for Knowledge , Fact or Fiction , and Ugin, the Ineffable until you secure your manabase and/or get Tron online (but Tron is not required!).

This deck has evolved quite a bit with the War of the Spark set. In the mainboard we still run threats like Wurmcoil Engine and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon but now I'm running a Karn, the Great Creator which has the insane ability to tutor out anything from your tool box in your newly outfitted sideboard. With this addition, the deck has made a ton of room. We dropped our tutors like Treasure Mage and now are filled with stabilizers, counter magic, and removal (which was always an issue). The stategy now is to control the game until you can land Karn, the Great Creator and then wish the opponent a GG.

Our sideboard now runs a bunch of "game over" cards. The most powerful being Mycosynth Lattice , which paired with Karn, the Great Creator 's static ability, hard locks the opponent out of the game and prevents them from using their lands or activating abilities on anything in the battlefield.

All in all I'm very excited for the new version of the deck. It suddenly has game in areas that previously it did not, like aggro and G Tron, and still has game against control and grindy decks.

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Took a break from this deck for a while. I found myself disheartened by my local meta running so many fast aggro decks that I kept getting trounced. I've been running The Only Things Certain: Eldrazi & Taxes which is fun, but Blue Tron Scrimmage is my home. I'll always end up back here.

I've attempted a revamp of this deck using some of the tactics I've seen in a few 5-0 decks on MTG Goldfish and MTG Top 8. I'll be running a pair of Karn, Scion of Urza s for card advantage and I finally picked up an Engineered Explosives which have been huge additions.

I also recently purchased 2 Surgical Extraction s and they have been an excellent SB addition in a few of my decks for dismantling combos.

Anyway, I look forward to getting some results. I'd love to hear some feedback from you folks. Until then, Cheese out.


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