Played a four round tournament with Born of the Gods Pre-release boxes. I'm actually surprised at how well I did.

I came in 4th place out of 10 players0-2 Loss2-1 Win2-1 Win1-2 Loss

The idea was to make huge creatures enchanted with the several Bestow creatures and other enchantments. Give them Flying and/or Trample to push past/through the opponent's defense.

I didn't intend to have this deck make long drawn out matches, but that's exactly what happened three times (each player had over 20 turns on average).

I was able to put up an early defense with creatures like Nimbus Naiad , Nylea's Disciple , and Nyxborn Triton before laying down some larger creatures like Nessian Asp and Benthic Giant . Nessian Wilds Ravager was my only "removal" card and Siren of the Fanged Coast was my only "grab" card. I managed to play both of them nearly every game but often they were the first to be cleared from the battlefield.

The strategies I had the most success with were using Horizon Chimera, Floodtide Serpent , Karametra's Favor , Stratus Walk , and Raised by Wolves . When we got to a standstill, Horizon Chimera slowly raised my life total each turn which was supplemented with the triggered effects of Karametra's Favor and Stratus Walk (draw a card). I enchant a creature with Raised by Wolves to get two tokens and a boost to the enchanted creature. When Floodtide Serpent would attack, I would bring back to my hand Raised by Wolves and then play it again later for more tokens. If I didn't have that out, I'd return Karametra's Favor or Stratus Walk instead.


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