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Blue Bichinho (Mono Blue Pets)



Sideboarding Plan


-2 Phantasmal Bear 2 Vapor Snag+3 Dispel +1 Vulshok Morningstar

Vulshok Morningstar is the game winner here. They dont have much chance if you can resolve and equip it.

Monoblack Control:

-4 Phantasmal Bear+1 Vulshok Morningstar + 1Boomerang + 2relic

Vulshok helps against Shrivel. Boomerang and Vapor snag should be used on witches, your own creatures (especially when targeted with tendrils/corrupt), or anglers.

Kuldotha Jeskai/Boros

-4 Phantasmal Bear, -1 vapor snag.+1 Vulshok, +4 Hydroblast

Play around electrickery, equip vulshok to go over the top of their flyers. Dont ninja on turn two into open red mana.

Esper Familiar

-4 Phantasmal Bear, -2 fathom seer, -2 Vapor Snag+3 Boomerang, +3 Dispel, + 2 relic

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

Delver Fiend

-3 Stormbound Geist, -4 Phantasmal Bear+4 Hydroblast + 3 Dispel

Vapor snag their creatures on their end step. Play around electrickery if possible

UB Teachings

+2 Relic of Progenitus, + 3 Dispel, +1 Vulshok-4 vapor snag, -2 phantasmal bear

Watch out for evincars justice / shrivel. Should be able to go under their permission / removal. Keep relic open for crypt incursion.

UB Delver

-4 phantasmal Bear, -2 vapor snag+3 Dispel + 1 Vulshok + 2 Relic

Watch for shrivel/ justice. May be hard to ninja on turn two if they have open black mana, may be better to develop the board.


-3 Stormbound Geist -4 phantasmal bear+1 Vulshok + 2 Viridian Longbow + 2 boomerang +2 dispel

Rug Tron

+3 boomerang +4 hydroblast

-2 vapor snag, -4 phantasmal bears, -1 stormbound geist


+4 Hydroblasts +3 Dispel-4 Vapor Snag -3 Stormbound Geist


+4 Hydroblast +1 Vulshok-3 stormbound geist, -2 phantasmal bear

Vulshok allows us to trade well with the many of their creatures. Counter fling, keep atogs off the board. They can outrace us so we need to play somewhat conservatively.


+3 Boomerang-3 stormbound geist


soul sisters/ Elves/ tokens/white weenies

+2 Viridian Longbow +1 Vulshok-3 stormbound geist


UR Control

+3 Dispel, +4 Hydroblast, +1 vulshok

-4 vapor snag, -4 phantasmal bear


+4 Hydroblast +2 Viridian Longbow-3 Storm Bound Geist -2 vulshok morningstar, -1 fathom seer


This is an aggressive tempo deck. Play it as such. There are very few matchups where we want to sit back and trade.


Mull most 7 card hands with just one land . A multi faerie miscreant hand is one of the few exceptions.

Mulls to 6 with one land are generally fine with the added scry. Especially on the draw.

Card order

Turn two should almost always start by casting your cloud of faeries. If they dont have red or black mana open, take full advantage of your ninjas on the attack. If they do, develop the board first, or leave up a spellstutter.

Remember you have evolve creatures so order accordingly.

Ninjas and Phantasmal Bear.

Ninja works with phantasmal bear. Take full advantage. Equipment doesn't work with the bear. Don't kill your own creature.

Ninjas and ETB effects

Ninja should return things with enter the battlefield effects whenever possible. Returning a spellstutter sprite is fantastic, as is a faerie miscreant if there are more than one on the board.

Ninjas also evolve 0/1 or 1/2 raptors. Yay extra damage.

Briarberry Cohort

This creature can evolve your 1/2 raptors.

It is also weak to electrickery or shrivel if it is paired up with only 1/1 blue creatures.

This guy and Faerie miscreant count towards your faerie count for spellstutter sprite.

Fathom Seer

Fathom seer should be one of the last cards in your hand you play. Though if you can get it to resolve earlier with certainty, take advantage of it. Gush that can't be countered by pyroblast is fantastic, especially with our low land count.

Remember to tap lands for mana before returning them to your hand.


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