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The Pacifist's Passive Aggression

Commander / EDH Lifegain Vampires WB (Orzhov)


Lean Back
Never Attack
Teeth to Their Neck
Till They Hit the Deck

This is a casual deck for fun. It starts slow and let's you take in some damage at first, but due to life gain gets you back on top soon after.

The idea of this deck is not to attack or show any aggression at all, but passively drain your opponents of all their blood.

Let them build their armies. They cant't attack due to Ghostly Prison , Koskun Falls and Curse of Exhaustion . And if they do, Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts will crush them. And don't worry about the damage you take, because Lich's Tomb prevents you from dying. Taking damage will also help you sacrifice creatures, because you spoke the Oath of Lim-Dul .

And while your blood red slurpee watches their meaningless army grow, wondering what to do with it, drain them inactively with Agent of Masks , Drana's Emissary , Palace Siege , Subversion and Infectious Curse .

Speed up your slurping by setting up drain-gain-triggers like Blood Artist , Bontu's Monument , Cruel Celebrant , Polluted Bonds , Retreat to Hagra , Trespasser's Curse , Falkenrath Noble , Vindictive Vampire , Wayward Disciple , and Zulaport Cutthroat .

Set up drain-triggers like Blood Seeker , Suture Priest , and Blood Reckoning

Set up gain-triggers like Soul Warden , Suture Priest , Pious Evangel  , and Tablet of the Guilds .

Create synergies with Cliffhaven Vampire , Epicure of Blood , Defiant Bloodlord , Exquisite Blood , and Sanguine Bond .

Now you need cards to sacrifice in order to activate your triggers. Let's produce some tokens with Elspeth, Knight-Errant , Ugin, the Ineffable , Westvale Cult Leader , Bloodline Keeper  , Emeria Angel , Elenda, the Dusk Rose , and Oketra's Monument . For every token lost, Requiem Angel will produce a new one.

Multiply those tokens with Anointed Procession , Teysa Karlov

Now you need sacrificers to do the killing for you, such as Priest of Forgotten Gods , Bloodline Keeper  , Ashnod's Altar , Carrion Feeder and Bloodflow Connoisseur . These two, together with Elenda, the Dusk Rose can grow big and strong to become your doorway bouncers.

Your commander, Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts , serves as removal, protection, and is a sacrifice-producer,
while Liliana, the Necromancer supports you by draining and retrieving creatures for you.

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