My name is Kain. Born a nobleman of an arostocratic family, I was then oblivious of my woven fate with the desolate world of Nosgoth.enter image description hereIt was on one fateful day, when I went about one of my many journeys. Seeking a bed at a local tavern, I was forced to the road. It was there where I was ambushed, and met my demise...enter image description here

I later emerged, trapped in the Underworld, where m soul was offered a chance for vengeance by th Necromancer Mortanius.

He guaranteed me "the blood I hungered for".

Tormented, desperate, and (at the time) heedless of my benefactor's ulterior motives, I recklessly accepted the offer without a second thought...

I awakened to a new existence of pain when I had realized that I had been resurrected as a Vampire. Undeterred by hunger and weakness I sought out my assailants, killing each one with pleasure and sating in their blood.

Mortanius had me on a long, enduring quest to restore balance in the fabled Nine Pillars of Nosgoth, with the promise of a cure for my vampiric affliction.enter image description here

enter image description here

Each Pillar represented the fundamental elements of Nosgoth and each had an ascribed guardian:

  • Balance
  • Mind
  • Nature
  • Energy
  • Conflict
  • Dimension
  • Time
  • States
  • Death
Mortanius congratulated me upon what I thought was my succession of the task, and summoned me to the pillars. When I arrived I witnessed a confrontation between last two Guardians of the Pillars - the Guardian of the States, Anarcrothe, and Mortanius, the Guardian of Death. Anarcrothe revealed that it was Mortanius who orchestrated my own death.

Enraged by thought of being nothing more than a puppet, I summoned all of my strength to destroy Mortanius, which unleashed 'The Dark Entity' - the true poison that spread the madness throughout Nosgoth.enter image description here

Having felled the Dark Entity, balance was finally restored between the Pillars and the Guardians.

However I was faced with a moral dilemma; I myself was poisoned by the same insanities that corrupted the other Guardians, however I was the last surviving Vampire. And so I was left with the choice of sacrificing myself to restore pure balance for Nosgoth, or to reject it, prolonging my life and ensuring the survival of the Vampire race.

Throughout my journey it had been more than clear that Vampires were the "dark gods" and our duties were "to thin the herd." With that in mind, I established the unrestored Pillar of Balance as my throne; the seat of my new empire.enter image description here

Over time, I had the means of creating a cadre of Vampires. And even further still, my powers increased exponentially. But my thirst for blood will never be quenched.

enter image description here

This is my first time brewing a Duel Commander list and there is a lot to consider regarding the vastly different banlist. Much of the cEDH mana accelerants are banned as are many of the tutors. On top of that, lifetotals are also reduced.

How Edgar Markov excels as a competitive 1v1 general is by his Eminence ability. With that in mind, the creature base is kept fairly low to the ground, so that on T1 we will not only play our creature but get an Eminence trigger.

This strategy poses an immediate threat and board presence, as we ought to consistently be ahead of the curve with every passing turn.

Complimenting our board presence are our array of burn and drain spells to continuously put pressure on our opponents to act fast or consequently die quicker.

If you dig the Vamp Tribe, the deck itself or are a fan of the Legacy of Kain Franchise, as always your support is greatly appreciated! +1enter image description here


Updates Add

After delving deeper into what is and isn't allowed for French Commander's Banlist compared to cEDH/multiplayer, it occurred to me that many spells I thought would be banned are not! This allowed me to trim down on some slots and make room for an additional wincon.

Ad Nauseam + Sickening Dreams with Angel's Grace and Silence as added protection. You draw your deck, pitch your hand and deal lethal while not losing. Additionally this can for all intents and purposes be of some use should you wish to take this to a multiplayer setting. However I would highly advise more restructuring if that were the case.

The slots "taken out" were essentially all the new Ixalan cards since I obviously cannot own those in paper.

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