After a week break from MTG and my normal life and taking a vacation to Indiana to visit family and play some music in a small show, I have finally found some inspiration for a new deck. The idea hit me while I was playing a friend's traditional Goblin deck when I realized that attacking all out, even with Hellrider just wouldn't be enough a lot of the time. This is where Blood Artist comes in. He ensures a path to victory, and can often help get you through even the most devastating board wipes. He combos very nicely with Thatcher Revolt, which I found amusing as I was researching cards. Hellrider also goes well with Thatcher Revolt.

Although very few black cards are in the mainboard, having ten black sources opens up plenty of sideboard options whenever I get around to building one. Options are good.

I feel that Blood Artist really just pushes the power level of the deck further, making it a bit more competitive, and it gives the deck a bit of Staying Power . I should commence playtesting of the deck later today, so hopefully I will have some test results ready relatively soon.

One other direction I can take this instead of using mainly goblins would be to try to make this as fast as possible with cards like Stromkirk Noble, Vexing Devil, and actual burn spells, but still falling back on the Blood Artist plan so that I will rarely fear a board wipe.

All feedback, advice, criticism (constructive or otherwise), thoughts, praise, hate, etc., are welcomed!


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