Blood Fire

Modern* Control Vampires

CrushU Score: 2


A more control-ish take on BR Vampires. Not sure how it will work out, and there's a few cards I'm unsure of and just trying, and some that I know I want more, and don't have...

(Which is why there's a ton of 3-of... I'm trying most of them. The exception are the triad of Doom Blade/Throat/Verdict. Testing those three in other decks has led me to 3of those in mainboard and keep the 4th in side.)


After-Tournament Report — Feb. 21, 2012

So played in the Charlotte Standard Open, and did Ok.

Ok, so I went 1-3, drop, but hear me out.

First match against BW tokens, and I dominated first game with two Nobles. So happy I put them to 4of. Then I side in Shatters and Acts... And can't draw past 3 land for two games in a row. Convincing him to put out 6 spirits so I could actually Act them all away with three lands was the highlight of the remaining games. Also the first game reminded me why I play Sorin Markov; repeatable killing of 2-toughness creatures is absolute gold in this format. Gaining life while you're doing it is just icing.

Second match against a Blue/Red CounterBurn sort of deck. Creatureless deck made most of mine completely useless. So of course I draw nothing but kill spells, and never get a creature to stick thanks to shocks and counterspells.

Third match was what the deck was made to beat: Wolf Run Ramp. Absolutely dominated two games in a row, to the point I felt bad.

Fourth match I actually don't remember too well, I do know I lost without much competition due to more manascrew.

The sheer number of times I was sitting at 3 land, waiting for a fourth makes me think I may need to re-evaluate the land balance. I'd like to find some instant-speed sweep, but I may make do with whipflares instead. I did borrow a full playset of Blackcleave Cliffs for the event, so that helped. And have a plan for more Control-oriented decks. Honestly the format is so aggro-heavy right now that I don't plan on needing it too often.

Surprisingly I was never sad to draw Harrowing Journey. I'd prefer Sign in Blood, but I'll take what I can get.

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