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i made this deck mostly for fun but id still like it to smack if it can. right now ive play tested it a few times and it seems that it doesnt really kick until turn 4ish. i dont want to make any drastic changes but i would like some tips, comments, or ideas for improving my deck! thank you!

Playing a few games so far it should go TURN 1, fountains of renewal. TURN 2, Knight of malice/Knight of glory or paladin of atonement. TURN 3, benalish Marhsal. TURN 4, aryel Knight of Windgrace. Pump out Knight but the fist strike is ideal. The other cards help substantially that weren't named but check them out and see for yourself!

side note: It is imperative to get a fountains on renewal out in turn 1 or 2 so you have that constant life gain to delay getting your army out. also thats why the healers halks are in there are for the little damage but also for your life gain.

This is knights themed so i have a variety of knights and i have a Bone Dragon to spice it up.

i am currently 4/4 with his deck and its very slow compared to the control decks im used to but i really like how it kicks after turn 3-5 when u can increase your power.


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-I have played many games with this deck so far and it isnt obviously the best but its super fun to play. a lot of different things start to happen after ramping 3-5 mana. -Theres a lot of "Healers Hawk" mixed with "sigiled sword of valeron" to get those knights out. -Also both the "knight of malice" and "knight of grace" are cool bouncing off each other and the First Strike helps consistently against alot of bois. -The profane processions gets rid of nearly every problem that i would come across on the board, cast down helps slightly as well.

-The main problem i am coming across is not enough cycling through my deck. The only card that helps is "Midnight Reaper" but that is not a big issue. Ive been thinking of adding something like "Revitalize" in there for a little extra card gain or even running x3 or x4 "Midnight Reapers" rather than just x2.

Side Note: Bone Dragon is my guy. not super great but i love the card!



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