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Blinking the Night Away (naya Ramp)


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A Naya Ramp deck that most people who have played it tell me the deck encompasses some of the best aspects of the majority of the current standard lists. The idea is a sort of wolf run synergy list that involves a vast amount of life gain and constant threats to handle.

As far as advice, I feel the deck is missing something, a little boost to make it just as good as the other lists. Wednesday in a tournament the deck did fantastic, beating b/w control even after the deck went through almost all of its Sorin's Vengeance s and removal spells/board wipes. Friday I lost nonstop that night. I had decent hands while the other decks had nut hands. R1: zombies with the guy putting out 5 lords, he 2-0'd me, rd2 mono blue delver: the guy barely beat me the first game, the second game we ended in up in turns and I could not finish him. Rd3: Naya pod: the dude was some underground pro player power played on top of my mediocre hands lost it. Rd. 4: I was going to play it out because the deck is incredibly fun but my opponent did not show so I left.

Again I need something in the deck to give me an edge over naya pod and zombies, delver is pain when they go to board and get every freaking counterspell in the format. I REAAALLLLY appreciate help and feedback, I want to make this deck better. Thank you in advance!


GW Wolf Run — Aug. 7, 2012

Decided to drop out a handful of cards to improve consistency, I am still debating 3x Cloudshift over 3x Oblivion Ring (siding into them when I need to) any thoughts on the deck/suggestions?

It seems to do a little better against certain decks but still needs some more playtesting.

xo2 says...


You pod and zombies can be solved with one stone(and kill them both), just sideboard card:Grafdigger's Cage pod can't get creatures from their library and zombies creatures can't come back from the dead anymore.

For the deck, a few Farseek can help get you to your big dudes quicker without being killed by Ancient Grudge like Sphere of the Suns .

You could also replace card:Conjurer's Closet with Slagstorm to kill everything delver has and almost every deck out there has small creatures to kill. And closet seems like a win more card.

I hope these suggestions help.

August 4, 2012 6:01 p.m.

Point taken, I forgot there is another 2 mana ramp spell out now, I will look into getting a playset. The closet might leave, it is a fun little card to have in the deck but the deck could make better use of the slot. I might drop in another primeval titan and some form of removal. I might need to start main boarding Oblivion Ring potentially. Slagstorm is in the current build but I might add another to have 5 wipes. The cage is not the worst idea, but it does shut down my GSZ, I kinda of want to answer the creatures in pod more than the pod itself; as well as the captains and other zombie lords in zombies. I lost to zombies because of 3 captains, an image coppying a captain, and Cemetery Reaper .

August 4, 2012 8:16 p.m.

xo2 says...


To answer their creatures you could adjust your gameplan to ramp into Terminus for max value. Also try Zealous Conscripts ing their big creatures. I've also heard that Bonfire of the Damned is supposed to be good.

Revenge of the Hunted with Kessig Wolf Run can be game braking as well, especially on an Acidic Slime . (I also suggest one mainboard as a gsz target.)

August 4, 2012 8:28 p.m.

I have thought about a mainboard acidic, I'll see if I can fit it. I would put in bonfire, but I A) do not like having too many high CMC board wipes B) having too many miracle and C) am using them in my R/G beats list. revenge is not really my taste, if I had room, I might add it, I just feel there are better cards to use.

August 5, 2012 12:07 a.m.

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