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Blink-Treader Nephilim (FEATURED ON DAILYMTG)



First off, Ink-Treader Nephilim is my all-time favourite magic card. Every time you target him with a spell you get to Radiate . Of course your opponent can abuse this as well but that's why you build a deck in order to respond accordingly. I wanted to build a competitively viable Modern deck with him for so long, and I have the feeling now that I've succeeded.

Now, take a look at the deck.

Every creature in the deck except the Nephilim has an "enter the battlefield"-effect. And most of them are really relevant. Now imagine you have your Ink-Treader Nephilim , Kitchen Finks, an Eternal Witness and a Wall of Omens in play. Say your opponent wants to Lightning Bolt your Nephilim, therefore killing all creatures. In response, you cast Momentary Blink on your Nephilim. What happens? You get 2 life, you get a card from your graveyard back and you draw a card. If you get back the same Momentary Blink you just cast, you can play it again and again for maximum value.

Late game, Sun Titan does some nasty things with Phantsmal Image (which is why it doesn't matter that our 2CMC clone goes to the bin when he's targeted. There is simply nothing better than playing a Sun Titan into Image, into Image, into Image, into Eternal Witness, get card from your graveyard - GO.

Aether Vial is here because it is amazing in a deck like this where you can flash in an Eternal Witness, possibly trade with a creature and get a card back.

Niveous Wisps, when targeting the Nephilim, with enough creatures in play, draws us a TON of cards for only 1 mana, at instant speed.

Lavinia of the Tenth , I think, has better chances in Modern than in Standard. With the ability to repeatedly flickering her there is a possibility to lock down most players.

I think you should really try to play as many fetches as possible. 4 colors with no other way of fixing is tough.

+1 this deck if you like the idea and tell me what you think I should change.


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Today, my deck got featured on Daily MTG! :D

Sam Black added his own suggestion for a sideboard so that''s what I will be going with.



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