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Blink me once, shame on me

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blink me twice, shame on..

Howdy Folks! Ever since I stumbled over the blink effect I totally fell in love with it. After a first try (Blinking splicers) I just couldn't stop building and out came this, a real beauty, fun to play and surprisingly frightening. Core of this deck obviously is to abuse blinking at it's fullest, for this purpose I decided to go with Evoke and Morph. Fasten your seat belt and let's get started!

  • The blinkers: Cloudshift and Essence Flux as 1 Drop to target your card which entered the battlefield payed with Evoke costs. Because who wouldn't like to double the fun and get a decent creature out on the board afterwards. If there's nothing with Evoke to play, use it to Morph one of the scary fat creatures. Or just bring a creature to safety in case it gets targeted by a single target removal. Momentary Blink as 2 Drop and quite handy with its flashback option. Eerie Interlude against mass removal like Wrath of God or Damnation, also useable to transform more than 1 morphs.
  • Akroma, Angel of Fury: 6/6, flying, trample, protection, much wow. Turn 3 possibility.
  • Birds of Paradise: Because we all love mana ramps.
  • Briarhorn : +6/+6 and a 3/3 body if played together with a blinker. Turn 2 possibility, but probably with no legal target for the +'s in this case.
  • Maelstrom Djinn : Flying and 5/6 body. Turn 3 possibility.
  • Mulldrifter: Draw 4 cards and a 2/2 flying body if played together with a blinker. Turn 3 possibility.
  • Sagu Mauler : 6/6, trample, hexproof, roaaar. Turn 3 possibility.
  • Shriekmaw : Destroy 2 creatures and get a 3/2 body with fear if played together with a blinker. Turn 2 possibility.
  • Wall of Omens: Draw, blocker, turn 2 possibility. Also possible to blink.

So, turn 4 we should be up and running and after this we just keep blinking whenever we need or want to (blink Evoke creatures to trigger their abilities some more, pure joy). That's about it.

Looked at many different decks lately but didn't saw anything like this, so hope you're enjoying it as I do :) Inputs and questions are welcome, Mana Base could probably need some attention.


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