An artifact deck using ramp and cheat into play effects with lightning greaves and blightsteel colossus to win as fast as turn 1.



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This deck is Vintage legal.

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+1 Wheel of Fortune main
-4 Lightning Greaves main
-2 Force of Will main
-4 Mox Opal main
+1 Mox Sapphire main
+1 Timetwister main
-1 Mox Sapphire main
+4 Seat of the Synod main
-4 Master Transmuter main
+1 Memory Jar main
+4 Master Transmuter main
-1 Brainstorm main
+4 Thoughtcast main
-4 Vault of Whispers main
+1 Lion's Eye Diamond main
-1 Mana Vault main
-1 Timetwister main
+1 Time Walk main
+1 Sol Ring main
-1 Tolarian Academy main
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