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A deck revolved around the normal Delver of Secrets  Flip style with instants and sorcery draws and spells that give last minute buffs. Mass creatures without infect use Tainted Strike to gain a buff and infect to deal mass damage last second...

Vampire Nighthawk is a beast in the deck with flying lifelink and deathtouch...giving it a buff allows more life for cards like Gitaxian Probe and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard

Snapcaster Mage allows flashback of buffs or your tainted strike for another rampage, and the use of Blighted Agent and the three Runechanter's Pikes allow for a mass unblockable swing to the face

and last Phyrexian Crusader is the tank three drop with protection, for those pesky white and red decks to allow anti-burn attacker with infect already who only needs those buffs...with a backup of Inkmoth Nexus as a flying infecter to deal overhead damage when nighthawk or the delver shows no support...happy infecting!


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