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Blaze Commando's Big Beefin' Burn Bonanza

Pauper EDH Aggro Budget Burn Pauper RW (Boros) Weenie



Mess with this bull and you'll get more than just his horns. You'll be staring down efficient burn spells and an ever-growing legion of Boros soldiers ready to rush through any board to accomplish their mission.

This deck takes the tired Boros playstyle of flunging repeatedly, and adds an interesting focus on burn spells to shake things up. The primary goal is to amass a sizable army and go wide with the pump effects present in the deck. From the static buff of Veteran Swordsmith to the repeatable burn from Raid Bombardment , you can be certain that your soldiers will always find a way to get damage in.


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Swapped Pyre Hound and Kiln Fiend out for Firebrand Archer and Thermo-Alchemist . I decided to go with the passive burners instead of the combat oriented ones because when Hound and Fiend get blocked, it essentially negates the payoff for all the spells I sling. With the passive burners, I can sling all the spells I want without risking them in combat.

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